Simone Zanotto
Simone Zanotto
Istituto di Nanoscienze - CNR
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Light trapping regimes in thin-film silicon solar cells with a photonic pattern
S Zanotto, M Liscidini, LC Andreani
Optics Express 18 (5), 4260-4272, 2010
Perfect energy-feeding into strongly coupled systems and interferometric control of polariton absorption
S Zanotto, FP Mezzapesa, F Bianco, G Biasiol, L Baldacci, MS Vitiello, ...
Nature Physics 10 (11), 830, 2014
Nonadiabatic switching of a photonic band structure: Ultrastrong light-matter coupling and slow-down of light
M Porer, JM MÚnard, A Leitenstorfer, R Huber, R Degl’Innocenti, ...
Physical Review B 85 (8), 081302, 2012
Intersubband polaritons in a one-dimensional surface plasmon photonic crystal
S Zanotto, G Biasiol, R Degl’Innocenti, L Sorba, A Tredicucci
Applied Physics Letters 97 (23), 231123, 2010
Optical critical coupling into highly confining metal-insulator-metal resonators
JM Manceau, S Zanotto, I Sagnes, G Beaudoin, R Colombelli
Applied Physics Letters 103 (9), 091110, 2013
Interferometric control of absorption in thin plasmonic metamaterials: general two port theory and broadband operation
L Baldacci, S Zanotto, G Biasiol, L Sorba, A Tredicucci
Optics express 23 (7), 9202-9210, 2015
Magneto-optic transmittance modulation observed in a hybrid graphene–split ring resonator terahertz metasurface
S Zanotto, C Lange, T Maag, A Pitanti, V Miseikis, C Coletti, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (12), 121104, 2015
Mid-infrared intersubband polaritons in dispersive metal-insulator-metal resonators
JM Manceau, S Zanotto, T Ongarello, L Sorba, A Tredicucci, G Biasiol, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (8), 081105, 2014
Analysis of line shapes and strong coupling with intersubband transitions in one-dimensional metallodielectric photonic crystal slabs
S Zanotto, R Degl'Innocenti, L Sorba, A Tredicucci, G Biasiol
Physical Review B 85 (3), 035307, 2012
Structured optical materials controlled by light
S Nocentini, D Martella, C Parmeggiani, S Zanotto, DS Wiersma
Advanced Optical Materials 6 (15), 1800167, 2018
Distributed feedback terahertz frequency quantum cascade lasers with dual periodicity gratings
F Castellano, S Zanotto, LH Li, A Pitanti, A Tredicucci, EH Linfield, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (1), 011103, 2015
Coherent absorption of light by graphene and other optically conducting surfaces in realistic on-substrate configurations
S Zanotto, F Bianco, V Miseikis, D Convertino, C Coletti, A Tredicucci
APL Photonics 2 (1), 016101, 2017
Ultrafast optical bleaching of intersubband cavity polaritons
S Zanotto, R Degl'Innocenti, JH Xu, L Sorba, A Tredicucci, G Biasiol
Physical Review B 86 (20), 201302, 2012
Fundamental limits on the losses of phase and amplitude optical actuators
S Zanotto, F Morichetti, A Melloni
Laser & Photonics Reviews 9 (6), 666-673, 2015
Metasurface Reconfiguration through Lithium‐Ion Intercalation in a Transition Metal Oxide
S Zanotto, A Blancato, A Buchheit, M Mu˝oz‐Castro, HD Wiemh÷fer, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 5 (2), 1600732, 2017
Coherent perfect absorption in photonic structures
L Baldacci, S Zanotto, A Tredicucci
Rendiconti Lincei 26 (2), 219-230, 2015
One-dimensional surface-plasmon gratings for the excitation of intersubband polaritons in suspended membranes
R Degl’Innocenti, S Zanotto, A Tredicucci, G Biasiol, L Sorba
Solid State Communications 151 (23), 1725-1727, 2011
Design of a hybrid silicon-plasmonic co-propagating coupler operating close to coherent perfect absorption
S Zanotto, A Melloni
Journal of Applied Physics 119 (16), 163103, 2016
Universal lineshapes at the crossover between weak and strong critical coupling in Fano-resonant coupled oscillators
S Zanotto, A Tredicucci
Scientific reports 6, 24592, 2016
Saturation and bistability of defect-mode intersubband polaritons
S Zanotto, F Bianco, L Sorba, G Biasiol, A Tredicucci
Physical Review B 91 (8), 085308, 2015
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