Matteo Bina
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Backscattering Differential Ghost Imaging in Turbid Media
M Bina, D Magatti, M Molteni, A Gatti, LA Lugiato, F Ferri
Physical Review Letters 110, 083901, 2013
Drawbacks of the use of fidelity to assess quantum resources
M Bina, A Mandarino, S Olivares, MGA Paris
Physical Review A 89 (1), 012305-1: 012305-6, 2014
Collapse and revival of quantum coherence for a harmonic oscillator interacting with a classical fluctuating environment
J Trapani, M Bina, S Maniscalco, MGA Paris
Physical Review A 91 (2), 022113, 2015
Continuous-variable quantum probes for structured environments
M Bina, F Grasselli, MGA Paris
Physical Review A 97 (1), 012125, 2018
Dicke coupling by feasible local measurements at the superradiant quantum phase transition
M Bina, I Amelio, MGA Paris
Physical Review E 93 (5), 052118, 2016
Monitoring atom-atom entanglement and decoherence in a solvable tripartite open system in cavity QED
M Bina, F Casagrande, A Lulli, E Solano
Physical Review A 77 (3), 033839, 2008
Assessing the significance of fidelity as a figure of merit in quantum state reconstruction of discrete and continuous variable systems
A Mandarino, M Bina, C Porto, S Cialdi, S Olivares, MGA Paris
Phys. Rev. A 93, 062118 (2016), 2016
Homodyne-like detection for coherent state-discrimination in the presence of phase noise
M Bina, A Allevi, M Bondani, S Olivares
Optics Express 25 (9), 10685-10692, 2017
Phase-reference monitoring in coherent-state discrimination assisted by a photon-number resolving detector
M Bina, A Allevi, M Bondani, S Olivares
Scientific reports 6, 26025, 2016
Exact results on decoherence and entanglement in a system of N driven atoms and a dissipative cavity mode
M Bina, F Casagrande, A Lulli
The European Physical Journal D 49 (2), 257-264, 2008
Quantum thermometry by single-qubit dephasing
S Razavian, C Benedetti, M Bina, Y Akbari-Kourbolagh, MGA Paris
The European Physical Journal Plus 134 (6), 284, 2019
Critical Quantum metrology with a finite-component quantum phase transition
L Garbe, M Bina, A Keller, MGA Paris, S Felicetti
Physical Review Letters 124 (12), 120504, 2020
Probing the diamagnetic term in light–matter interaction
MAC Rossi, M Bina, MGA Paris, MG Genoni, G Adesso, T Tufarelli
Quantum Science and Technology 2 (1), 01LT01, 2017
Squeezing of mechanical motion via qubit-assisted control
MG Genoni, M Bina, S Olivares, G De Chiara, M Paternostro
New Journal of Physics 17 (1), 013034, 2015
The coherent interaction between matter and radiation-A tutorial on the Jaynes-Cummings model
M Bina
The European Physical Journal-Special Topics 203, 163-183, 2012
Photon path length distribution in random media from spectral speckle intensity correlations
LF Rojas, M Bina, G Cerchiari, MA Escobedo-Sanchez, F Ferri, ...
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 199 (1), 167-180, 2011
Two-qubit quantum probes for the temperature of an Ohmic environment
F Gebbia, C Benedetti, F Benatti, R Floreanini, M Bina, MGA Paris
Physical Review A 101 (3), 032112, 2020
About the use of fidelity in continuous variable systems
A Mandarino, M Bina, S Olivares, MGA Paris
International Journal of Quantum Information 12 (02), 1461015, 2014
Solvable model of dissipative dynamics in the deep strong coupling regime
M Bina, G Romero, J Casanova, JJ García-Ripoll, A Lulli, F Casagrande, ...
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 203, 207-216, 2012
Dynamical description of state mapping and discontinuous entanglement transfer for tripartite systems
M Bina, F Casagrande, MG Genoni, A Lulli, MGA Paris
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 90 (3), 30010, 2010
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