Björgvin Hjörvarsson
Björgvin Hjörvarsson
Professor i fysik, Uppsala Universitet
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Reversible tuning of the magnetic exchange coupling in Fe/V (001) superlattices using hydrogen
B Hjörvarsson, JA Dura, P Isberg, T Watanabe, TJ Udovic, G Andersson, ...
Physical review letters 79 (5), 901, 1997
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P Isberg, B Hjörvarsson, R Wäppling, EB Svedberg, L Hultman
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Unusual kinetics of hydride formation in Mg/Pd sandwiches, studied by hydrogen profiling and quartz crystal microbalance measurements
J Ryden, B Hjörvarsson, T Ericsson, E Karlsson, A Krozer, B Kasemo
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orvarsson, J.. Ohrmalm, J. Mayers
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Role of hydrogen for the elastic properties of alumina thin films
JM Schneider, K Larsson, J Lu, E Olsson, B Hjörvarsson
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Influence of compressive biaxial strain on the hydrogen uptakeof ultrathin single-crystal vanadium layers
G Andersson, B Hjörvarsson, P Isberg
Physical Review B 55 (3), 1774, 1997
Influence of compressive biaxial strain on the hydrogen uptakeof ultrathin single-crystal vanadium layers
G Andersson, B Hjörvarsson, P Isberg
Physical Review B 55 (3), 1774, 1997
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Magnetic superlattices with variable interlayer exchange coupling: A new approach for the investigation of low-dimensional magnetism
V Leiner, K Westerholt, AM Blixt, H Zabel, B Hjörvarsson
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Thermalized ground state of artificial kagome spin ice building blocks
UB Arnalds, A Farhan, RV Chopdekar, V Kapaklis, A Balan, ...
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Quantitative magnetic information from reciprocal space maps in transmission electron microscopy
H Lidbaum, J Rusz, A Liebig, B Hjörvarsson, PM Oppeneer, E Coronel, ...
Physical review letters 102 (3), 037201, 2009
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