Gopal Shankar Krishnakumar
Gopal Shankar Krishnakumar
PSG Institute of Advanced Studies
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Platelet-rich plasma for the treatment of bone defects: from pre-clinical rational to evidence in the clinical practice. A systematic review
A Roffi, B Di Matteo, GS Krishnakumar, E Kon, G Filardo
International orthopaedics 41 (2), 221-237, 2017
Clinical application of bone morphogenetic proteins for bone healing: a systematic review
GS Krishnakumar, A Roffi, D Reale, E Kon, G Filardo
International orthopaedics 41 (6), 1073-1083, 2017
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GS Krishnakumar, N Gostynska, E Campodoni, M Dapporto, M Montesi, ...
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Investigation of different cross-linking approaches on 3D gelatin scaffolds for tissue engineering application: A comparative analysis
KG Shankar, N Gostynska, M Montesi, S Panseri, S Sprio, E Kon, ...
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The role of three-dimensional scaffolds in treating long bone defects: evidence from preclinical and clinical literature—a systematic review
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Evaluation of different crosslinking agents on hybrid biomimetic collagen-hydroxyapatite composites for regenerative medicine
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Importance of crosslinking strategies in designing smart biomaterials for bone tissue engineering: a systematic review
GS Krishnakumar, S Sampath, S Muthusamy, MA John
Materials Science and Engineering: C 96, 941-954, 2019
Evaluation of in vitro anticancer activity of 1, 8-Cineole–containing n-hexane extract of Callistemon citrinus (Curtis) Skeels plant and its apoptotic potential
S Sampath, V Veeramani, GS Krishnakumar, U Sivalingam, SL Madurai, ...
Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 93, 296-307, 2017
l-Arginine intercedes bio-crosslinking of a collagen–chitosan 3D-hybrid scaffold for tissue engineering and regeneration: in silico, in vitro, and in vivo studies
S Udhayakumar, KG Shankar, S Sowndarya, S Venkatesh, ...
Rsc Advances 7 (40), 25070-25088, 2017
3D porous collagen scaffolds reinforced by glycation with ribose for tissue engineering application
N Gostynska, GS Krishnakumar, E Campodoni, S Panseri, M Montesi, ...
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Isolation, characterization, and in vitro evaluation of bovine rumen submucosa films of collagen or chitosan-treated collagen
K Gopal Shankar, S Udhaya Kumar, S Sowndarya, P Suresh Babu, ...
Journal of biomaterials applications 30 (6), 780-792, 2016
Release kinetic of pro-and anti-inflammatory biomolecules from platelet-rich plasma and functional study on osteoarthritis synovial fibroblasts
E Mariani, A Roffi, L Cattini, L Pulsatelli, E Assirelli, GS Krishnakumar, ...
Cytotherapy 22 (7), 344-353, 2020
Rumen tissue derived decellularized submucosa collagen or its chitosan-treated film as a cutaneous wound healant and 1 H NMR-metabolite profiling of plasma
KG Shankar, SU Kumar, S Sowndarya, J Sridevi, SS Angel, C Rose
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Honey based treatment strategies for infected wounds and burns: A systematic review of recent pre-clinical research
GS Krishnakumar, B Mahendiran, S Gopalakrishnan, S Muthusamy, ...
Wound Medicine, 100188, 2020
Bone Morphogenic Protein augmentation for long bone healing” response to “Clinical need for bone morphogenetic protein
GS Krishnakumar, A Roffi, D Reale, E Kon, G Filardo
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Hydroxyapatite nanophases augmented with selenium and manganese ions for bone regeneration: Physiochemical, microstructural and biological characterization
S Muthusamy, B Mahendiran, S Sampath, SN Jaisankar, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 126, 112149, 2021
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International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2021
Controlled Processing of Functionalized Biomineralized Bone-like Scaffolds Through Ribose Reinforcement Obtained by Biomimetic Strategies for Bone Augmentation
KG Shankar
Trends in Biomaterials & Artificial Organs 32 (1), 49-50, 2018
To Evaluate the Synergistic Effect of Different Crosslinking Strategies on Collagen Derivatives to Develop Funcional Biomimetic Scaffolds
GS Krishnakumar
alma, 2017
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