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Stefan Siebert
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Phylogenomic analyses support traditional relationships within Cnidaria
F Zapata, FE Goetz, SA Smith, M Howison, S Siebert, SH Church, ...
PloS one 10 (10), e0139068, 2015
Stem cell differentiation trajectories in Hydra resolved at single-cell resolution
S Siebert, JA Farrell, JF Cazet, Y Abeykoon, AS Primack, CE Schnitzler, ...
Science 365 (6451), 2019
Identification of a kazal-type serine protease inhibitor with potent anti-staphylococcal activity as part of Hydra's innate immune system
R Augustin, S Siebert, TCG Bosch
Developmental & Comparative Immunology 33 (7), 830-837, 2009
Dickkopf related genes are components of the positional value gradient in Hydra
R Augustin, A Franke, K Khalturin, R Kiko, S Siebert, G Hemmrich, ...
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Cell type complexity in the basal metazoan Hydra is maintained by both stem cell based mechanisms and transdifferentiation
S Siebert, F Anton-Erxleben, TCG Bosch
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Characterization of differential transcript abundance through time during Nematostella vectensis development
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Pairwise comparisons across species are problematic when analyzing functional genomic data
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Differential gene expression in the siphonophore Nanomia bijuga (Cnidaria) assessed with multiple next-generation sequencing workflows
S Siebert, MD Robinson, SC Tintori, F Goetz, RR Helm, SA Smith, ...
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Molecular mechanisms driving switch behavior in xylem cell differentiation
GM Turco, J Rodriguez-Medina, S Siebert, D Han, ...
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Control of foot differentiation in Hydra: phylogenetic footprinting indicates interaction of head, bud and foot patterning systems
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Sex, polyps, and medusae: Determination and maintenance of sex in cnidarians
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Molecular reproduction and development 84 (2), 105-119, 2017
Sympagohydra tuuli (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa): first report from sea ice of the central Arctic Ocean and insights into histology, reproduction and locomotion
S Siebert, F Anton-Erxleben, R Kiko, M Kramer
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Improved phylogenetic resolution within Siphonophora (Cnidaria) with implications for trait evolution
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Re-evaluation of characters in Apolemiidae (Siphonophora), with description of two new species from Monterey Bay, California
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Stem cells in Nanomia bijuga (Siphonophora), a colonial animal with localized growth zones
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PIWI–piRNA pathway-mediated transposable element repression in Hydra somatic stem cells
BB Teefy, S Siebert, JF Cazet, H Lin, CE Juliano
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The histology of Nanomia bijuga (Hydrozoa: Siphonophora)
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Molecular mechanisms driving bistable switch behavior in xylem cell differentiation
GM Turco, J Rodriguez-Medina, S Siebert, D Han, H Vahldick, CN Shulse, ...
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Systems-Level Properties of EGFR-RAS-ERK Signaling Amplify Local Signals to Generate Dynamic Gene Expression Heterogeneity
AE Davies, M Pargett, S Siebert, TE Gillies, Y Choi, SJ Tobin, AR Ram, ...
Cell systems 11 (2), 161-175. e5, 2020
Self-organized yolk sac-like organoids allow for scalable generation of multipotent hematopoietic progenitor cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells
N Tamaoki, S Siebert, T Maeda, NH Ha, ML Good, Y Huang, SK Vodnala, ...
bioRxiv, 2021
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