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Synthesis, Structural Characterization, Solution Behavior, and in Vitro Antiproliferative Properties of a Series of Gold Complexes with 2-(2′-Pyridyl)benzimidazole as Ligandá…
LM Maria Serratrice, Maria A. Cinellu, Laura Maiore
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Cytotoxic gold compounds: synthesis, biological characterization and investigation of their inhibition properties of the zinc finger protein PARP-1
MACAC Maria Serratrice , Fabio Edafe , Filipa Mendes
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Diagnosis and clinical impact of occult hepatitis B infection in patients with biopsy proven chronic hepatitis C: a multicenter study
S Evangelista, I Michele, C Nicola, P Raffaella, S Caterina, M Vincenzo, ...
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Cytotoxic properties of a new organometallic platinum (II) complex and its gold (I) heterobimetallic derivatives
M Serratrice, L Maiore, A Zucca, S Stoccoro, I Landini, E Mini, L Massai, ...
Dalton Transactions 45 (2), 579-590, 2016
Synthesis and Characterization of Palladium (II) and Platinum (II) Adducts and Cyclometalated Complexes of 6, 6′-Dimethoxy-2, 2′-bipyridine: C (sp3)–H and C (sp2)–H Bondá…
F Cocco, A Zucca, S Stoccoro, M Serratrice, A Guerri, MA Cinellu
Organometallics 33 (13), 3414-3424, 2014
Selected cytotoxic gold compounds cause significant inhibition of 20S proteasome catalytic activities
N Micale, T Schirmeister, R Ettari, MA Cinellu, L Maiore, M Serratrice, ...
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 141, 79-82, 2014
Structure–Activity Relationships in Cytotoxic AuI/AuIII Complexes Derived from 2-(2′-Pyridyl)benzimidazole
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Gold (I) compounds with lansoprazole-type ligands: synthesis, characterization and anticancer properties in vitro
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Therapeutical approach of arterial hypertension
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Epinephrine Can Save Lives
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Transition Metal Complexes: synthesis, reactivity and applications in highly selective catalytic reactions.
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Sintesi e sviluppo di complessi di oro con leganti imidazolici: applicazioni in campo farmacologico e nella catalisi
M Serratrice
UniversitÓ degli studi di Sassari, 2014
Complessi di oro con leganti imidazolici di interesse farmacologico
M Serratrice, MA Cinellu, S Stoccoro, A Zucca
SocietÓ Chimica Italiana, 2013
Gold complexes as potential antimalarial agents
L Maiore, MA Cinellu, M Serratrice, L Messori, C Gabbiani, N Micale
12th Workshop on PharmacoBioMetallics, BIOMET12, 2012
Mono-and Binuclear Gold Based Complexes with Anti-tumoral Properties
M Serratrice, MA Cinellu, L Maiore, C Gabbiani, L Messori, E Mini
12th Workshop on PharmacoBioMetallics, BIOMET12, 2012
Complessi mono-ed eterodinucleari di oro, platino e palladio: sintesi e caratterizzazione
M Serratrice, MA Cinellu, A Zucca, L Maiore, S Stoccoro, F Cocco
La Parola ai Giovani 2012, 2012
ProprietÓ antimalariche del complessi di oro
L Maiore, MA Cinellu, M Serratrice, C Gabbiani, L Messori, N Micale, ...
La Chimica in Sardegna nell'Anno Internazionale della Chimica, 2011
Mono-and dinuclear gold (I/III) complexes of 2-pyridyl (2-benzimidazole): synthesis, structure and catalysis in A3-reaction of aldehydes, amines, and alkynes in water
M Serratrice, MA Cinellu, L Maiore, F Cocco, A Zucca, S Stoccoro
8th International School of Organometallic Chemistry, 2011
Synthesis, structural characterization and in vitro cytotoxicity of gold complexes with 2-(2-pyridyl) benzimidazole. Gold (III) vs. Gold (I), mononuclear vs. binuclear derivatives
M Serratrice, L Maiore, MA Cinellu, F Cocco, A Guerri, C Gabbiani, ...
3rd International Sympposium on Metallomics, 2011
Nuovi complessi di oro (i, iii) con proprietÓ antiplasmodiche
L Maiore, MA Cinellu, M Serratrice, L Messori, C Gabbiani, A Guerri, ...
La Parola ai Giovani, 2011
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