Emiliano Mancini
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Insertion polymorphisms of SINE200 retrotransposons within speciation islands of Anopheles gambiae molecular forms
F Santolamazza, E Mancini, F Simard, Y Qi, Z Tu, A della Torre
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Data on molecular taxonomy and genetic diversification of the European Hermit beetles, a species complex of endangered insects (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae, Cetoniinae, Osmoderma)
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Updating the taxonomy and distribution of the European Osmoderma, and strategies for their conservation (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Cetoniinae)
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Preliminary re-examination of genus-level taxonomy of the pollen beetle subfamily Meligethinae (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae)
P Audisio, AR Cline, A De Biase, G Antonini, E Mancini, M Trizzino, ...
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The EU protected taxon Morimus funereus Mulsant, 1862 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) and its western Palaearctic allies: systematics and conservation outcomes
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Conservation Genetics 14, 683-694, 2013
Comparative analysis of sequences and secondary structures of the rRNA internal transcribed spacer 2 (ITS2) in pollen beetles of the subfamily Meligethinae (Coleoptera …
M Trizzino, P Audisio, G Antonini, A De Biase, E Mancini
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Guidelines for the monitoring of Cerambyx cerdo
LR De Zan, M Bardiani, G Antonini, A Campanaro, S Chiari, E Mancini, ...
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Massive introgression drives species radiation at the range limit of Anopheles gambiae
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Guidelines for the monitoring of Rosalia alpina
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Training of a dog for the monitoring of Osmoderma eremita
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Structure and evolution of the mitochondrial control region of the pollen beetle Meligethes thalassophilus (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae)
E Mancini, A De Biase, P Mariottini, A Bellini, P Audisio
Genome 51 (3), 196-207, 2008
A multilocus view on Mediterranean aeolid nudibranchs (Mollusca): Systematics and cryptic diversity of Flabellinidae and Piseinotecidae
G Furfaro, D Salvi, E Mancini, P Mariottini
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 118, 13-22, 2018
Monitoring of insects with public participation (MIPP; EU LIFE project 11 NAT/IT/000252): overview on a citizen science initiative and a monitoring programme (Insecta …
F Mason, PF Roversi, PA Audisio, MA Bologna, GM Carpaneto, ...
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Comparative analyses reveal discrepancies among results of commonly used methods for Anopheles gambiae molecular form identification
F Santolamazza, B Caputo, M Calzetta, JL Vicente, E Mancini, V Petrarca, ...
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Assessing the taxonomic status of Osmoderma cristinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), endemic to Sicily, by genetic, morphological and pheromonal analyses
A Zauli, GM Carpaneto, S Chiari, E Mancini, FN Nyabuga, ...
Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 54 (3), 206-214, 2016
Unexpectedly high Plasmodium sporozoite rate associated with low human blood index in Anopheles coluzzii from a LLIN-protected village in Burkina Faso
M Pombi, M Calzetta, WM Guelbeogo, M Manica, E Perugini, V Pichler, ...
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Molecular evolution of a gene cluster of serine proteases expressed in the Anopheles gambiae female reproductive tract
E Mancini, F Tammaro, F Baldini, A Via, D Raimondo, P George, ...
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Molecular phylogeny and diversification of the “Haenydra” lineage (Hydraenidae, genus Hydraena), a north-Mediterranean endemic-rich group of rheophilic Coleoptera
M Trizzino, PA Audisio, G Antonini, E Mancini, I Ribera
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 61 (3), 772-783, 2011
Adaptive Potential of Hybridization among Malaria Vectors: Introgression at the Immune Locus TEP1 between Anopheles coluzzii and A. gambiae in ‘Far-West …
E Mancini, MI Spinaci, V Gordicho, B Caputo, M Pombi, JL Vicente, ...
PLoS One 10 (6), e0127804, 2015
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