Valerio Pini, PhD
Valerio Pini, PhD
Mecwins, Madrid, Spain
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Detection of cancer biomarkers in serum using a hybrid mechanical and optoplasmonic nanosensor
PM Kosaka, V Pini, JJ Ruz, RA Da Silva, MU González, D Ramos, ...
Nature nanotechnology 9 (12), 1047-1053, 2014
Optomechanics with silicon nanowires by harnessing confined electromagnetic modes
D Ramos, E Gil-Santos, V Pini, JM Llorens, M Fernández-Regúlez, ...
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J Tamayo, V Pini, P Kosaka, NF Martinez, O Ahumada, M Calleja
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Quantification of the surface stress in microcantilever biosensors: revisiting Stoney’s equation
J Tamayo, JJ Ruz, V Pini, P Kosaka, M Calleja
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Shedding light on axial stress effect on resonance frequencies of nanocantilevers
V Pini, J Tamayo, E Gil-Santos, D Ramos, P Kosaka, HD Tong, C van Rijn, ...
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V Pini, B Tiribilli, CMC Gambi, M Vassalli
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Ultrasensitive detection of HIV-1 p24 antigen by a hybrid nanomechanical-optoplasmonic platform with potential for detecting HIV-1 at first week after infection
PM Kosaka, V Pini, M Calleja, J Tamayo
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How two-dimensional bending can extraordinarily stiffen thin sheets
V Pini, JJ Ruz, PM Kosaka, M Calleja, J Tamayo
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E Gil-Santos, D Ramos, V Pini, M Calleja, J Tamayo
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D Ramos, E Gil-Santos, O Malvar, JM Llorens, V Pini, A San Paulo, ...
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Physics of nanomechanical spectrometry of viruses
JJ Ruz, J Tamayo, V Pini, PM Kosaka, M Calleja
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Role of the driving laser position on atomic force microscopy cantilevers excited by photothermal and radiation pressure effects
M Vassalli, V Pini, B Tiribilli
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Spatially multiplexed dark-field microspectrophotometry for nanoplasmonics
V Pini, PM Kosaka, JJ Ruz, O Malvar, M Encinar, J Tamayo, M Calleja
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E Gil-Santos, D Ramos, V Pini, J Llorens, M Fernández-Regúlez, ...
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O Malvar, E Gil-Santos, JJ Ruz, D Ramos, V Pini, M Fernández-Regúlez, ...
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CM Domínguez, PM Kosaka, G Mokry, V Pini, O Malvar, M del Rey, ...
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Silicon nanowires: where mechanics and optics meet at the nanoscale Sci
D Ramos, E Gil-Santos, O Malvar, JM Llorens, V Pini, AS Paulo, M Calleja, ...
Rep 3, 3445, 2013
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