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Joerg Romeis
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Transgenic crops expressing Bacillus thuringiensis toxins and biological control
J Romeis, M Meissle, F Bigler
Nature biotechnology 24 (1), 63-71, 2006
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Integration of insect-resistant genetically modified crops within IPM programs
GG Kennedy
Integration of insect-resistant genetically modified crops within IPM …, 2008
Pollen consumption in honey bee larvae: a step forward in the risk assessment of transgenic plants
D Babendreier, N Kalberer, J Romeis, P Fluri, F Bigler
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Habitat and plant specificity of Trichogramma egg parasitoids—underlying mechanisms and implications
J Romeis, D Babendreier, FL Wäckers, TG Shanower
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Influence of Bt-transgenic pollen, Bt-toxin and protease inhibitor (SBTI) ingestion on development of the hypopharyngeal glands in honeybees
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Environmental Science & Policy 15 (1), 82-91, 2012
Laboratory toxicity studies demonstrate no adverse effects of Cry1Ab and Cry3Bb1 to larvae of Adalia bipunctata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae): the importance of …
F Alvarez-Alfageme, F Bigler, J Romeis
Transgenic Research 20 (3), 467-479, 2011
Bt maize expressing Cry3Bb1 does not harm the spider mite, Tetranychus urticae, or its ladybird beetle predator, Stethorus punctillum
Y Li, J Romeis
Biological control 53 (3), 337-344, 2010
Deriving criteria to select arthropod species for laboratory tests to assess the ecological risks from cultivating arthropod-resistant genetically engineered crops
J Romeis, A Raybould, F Bigler, MP Candolfi, RL Hellmich, JE Huesing, ...
Chemosphere 90 (3), 901-909, 2013
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Bt maize and integrated pest management ‐ a European perspective
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Pest Management Science 67 (9), 1049-1058, 2011
The web‐building spider Theridion impressum (Araneae: Theridiidae) is not adversely affected by Bt maize resistant to corn rootworms
M Meissle, J Romeis
Plant Biotechnology Journal 7 (7), 645-656, 2009
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