Marco Fato
Marco Fato
Professor of Bioengineering, DIBRIS, University of Genova
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Effects of fluid flow and calcium phosphate coating on human bone marrow stromal cells cultured in a defined 2D model system
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Microenvironment complexity and matrix stiffness regulate breast cancer cell activity in a 3D in vitro model
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Simulation of the biomechanical behavior of the skin in virtual surgical applications by finite element method
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Heavy metal effects on cytosolic free Ca2+ level in the marine protozoan Euplotes crassus evaluated by confocal laser scanning microscopy
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Endocytosis of GABAB receptors modulates membrane excitability in the single-celled organism Paramecium
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A virtual reality system for the training of volunteers involved in health emergency situations
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Characterizing biostructures and cellular events in 2D/3D [using wide-field and confocal optical sectioning microscopy]
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An integrated environment for plastic surgery support: building virtual patients, simulating interventions, and supporting intraoperative decisions
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The GABAergic‐like system in the marine demosponge Chondrilla nucula
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A new cell-laden 3D Alginate-Matrigel hydrogel resembles human breast cancer cell malignant morphology, spread and invasion capability observed “in vivo”
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The just vr tool: An innovative approach to training personnel for emergency situations using virtual reality techniques
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