Gloria Berlier
Gloria Berlier
Researcher in Physical Chemistry, Università di Torino
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Structure and nuclearity of active sites in Fe-zeolites: comparison with iron sites in enzymes and homogeneous catalysts
A Zecchina, M Rivallan, G Berlier, C Lamberti, G Ricchiardi
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 9 (27), 3483-3499, 2007
Evolution of extraframework iron species in Fe silicalite: 1. Effect of Fe content, activation temperature, and interaction with redox agents
G Berlier, G Spoto, S Bordiga, G Ricchiardi, P Fisicaro, A Zecchina, ...
Journal of Catalysis 208 (1), 64-82, 2002
Determination of the oxidation and coordination state of copper on different Cu-based catalysts by XANES spectroscopy in situ or in operando conditions
C Lamberti, S Bordiga, F Bonino, C Prestipino, G Berlier, L Capello, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 5 (20), 4502-4509, 2003
Quantification of Brønsted Acid Sites in Microporous Catalysts by a Combined FTIR and NH3-TPD Study
GVA Martins, G Berlier, C Bisio, S Coluccia, HO Pastore, L Marchese
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (18), 7193-7200, 2008
Thermal Reduction of Cu2+−Mordenite and Re-oxidation upon Interaction with H2O, O2, and NO
FX Llabrés i Xamena, P Fisicaro, G Berlier, A Zecchina, GT Palomino, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107 (29), 7036-7044, 2003
The Cu-CHA deNOx Catalyst in Action: Temperature-Dependent NH3-Assisted Selective Catalytic Reduction Monitored by Operando XAS and XES
KA Lomachenko, E Borfecchia, C Negri, G Berlier, C Lamberti, P Beato, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (37), 12025-12028, 2016
Methane to methanol: structure–activity relationships for Cu-CHA
DK Pappas, E Borfecchia, M Dyballa, IA Pankin, KA Lomachenko, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (42), 14961-14975, 2017
An in situ temperature dependent IR, EPR and high resolution XANES study on the NO/Cu+–ZSM-5 interaction
C Prestipino, G Berlier, FXL i Xamena, G Spoto, S Bordiga, A Zecchina, ...
Chemical physics letters 363 (3-4), 389-396, 2002
Activity and deactivation of Fe-MFI catalysts for benzene hydroxylation to phenol by N2O
D Meloni, R Monaci, V Solinas, G Berlier, S Bordiga, I Rossetti, C Oliva, ...
Journal of Catalysis 214 (2), 169-178, 2003
Interaction of N2, CO and NO with Cu-exchanged ETS-10: a compared FTIR study with other Cu-zeolites and with dispersed Cu2O
S Bordiga, C Paze, G Berlier, D Scarano, G Spoto, A Zecchina, ...
Catalysis today 70 (1-3), 91-105, 2001
Alumina-supported copper chloride: 1. Characterization of freshly prepared catalyst
G Leofanti, M Padovan, M Garilli, D Carmello, A Zecchina, G Spoto, ...
Journal of Catalysis 189 (1), 91-104, 2000
Structure of Homoleptic CuI(CO)3 Cations in CuI‐Exchanged ZSM‐5 Zeolite: An X‐ray Absorption Study
C Lamberti, GT Palomino, S Bordiga, G Berlier, F D'Acapito, A Zecchina
Angewandte Chemie 112 (12), 2222-2225, 2000
The role of Al in the structure and reactivity of iron centers in Fe-ZSM-5-based catalysts: a statistically based infrared study
G Berlier, A Zecchina, G Spoto, G Ricchiardi, S Bordiga, C Lamberti
Journal of Catalysis 215 (2), 264-270, 2003
Mesoporous silica as topical nanocarriers for quercetin: characterization and in vitro studies
S Sapino, E Ugazio, L Gastaldi, I Miletto, G Berlier, D Zonari, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 89, 116-125, 2015
Revisiting the Nature of the Acidity in Chabazite-Related Silicoaluminophosphates:  Combined FTIR and 29Si MAS NMR Study
GAV Martins, G Berlier, S Coluccia, HO Pastore, GB Superti, G Gatti, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (1), 330-339, 2007
Alumina-supported copper chloride: 3. Effect of exposure to ethylene
G Leofanti, A Marsella, B Cremaschi, M Garilli, A Zecchina, G Spoto, ...
Journal of Catalysis 202 (2), 279-295, 2001
Composition-driven Cu-speciation and reducibility in Cu-CHA zeolite catalysts: a multivariate XAS/FTIR approach to complexity
A Martini, E Borfecchia, KA Lomachenko, IA Pankin, C Negri, G Berlier, ...
Chemical science 8 (10), 6836-6851, 2017
FTIR and UV–Vis characterization of Fe-Silicalite
G Spoto, A Zecchina, G Berlier, S Bordiga, MG Clerici, L Basini
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 158 (1), 107-114, 2000
Evolution of Extraframework Iron Species in Fe Silicalite: 2. Effect of Steaming
AM Ferretti, C Oliva, L Forni, G Berlier, A Zecchina, C Lamberti
Journal of Catalysis 208 (1), 83-88, 2002
Stabilization of quercetin flavonoid in MCM-41 mesoporous silica: positive effect of surface functionalization
G Berlier, L Gastaldi, E Ugazio, I Miletto, P Iliade, S Sapino
Journal of colloid and interface science 393, 109-118, 2013
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