Laura Bracciali
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Geochemistry and petrography of Western Tethys Cretaceous sedimentary covers (Corsica and Northern Apennines): from source areas to configuration of margins
L Bracciali, M Marroni, L Pandolfi, S Rocchi, J Arribas, S Critelli, ...
The Tethyan Himalayan detrital record shows that India–Asia terminal collision occurred by 54 Ma in the Western Himalaya
Y Najman, D Jenks, L Godin, M Boudagher-Fadel, I Millar, E Garzanti, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 459, 301-310, 2017
Arc accretion to the early Paleozoic Antarctic margin of Gondwana in Victoria Land
S Rocchi, L Bracciali, G Di Vincenzo, M Gemelli, C Ghezzo
Gondwana Research 19 (3), 594-607, 2011
The Brahmaputra tale of tectonics and erosion: Early Miocene river capture in the Eastern Himalaya
L Bracciali, Y Najman, RR Parrish, SH Akhter, I Millar
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 415, 25-37, 2015
UPb LA-(MC)-ICP-MS dating of rutile: New reference materials and applications to sedimentary provenance
L Bracciali, RR Parrish, MSA Horstwood, DJ Condon, Y Najman
Chemical Geology 347, 82-101, 2013
Evolving strain partitioning in the Eastern Himalaya: The growth of the Shillong Plateau
Y Najman, L Bracciali, RR Parrish, E Chisty, A Copley
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 433, 1-9, 2016
40Ar–39Ar dating of volcanogenic products from the AND-2A core (ANDRILL Southern McMurdo Sound Project, Antarctica): correlations with the Erebus Volcanic …
G Di Vincenzo, L Bracciali, P Del Carlo, K Panter, S Rocchi
Bulletin of Volcanology 72 (4), 487-505, 2010
Petrologic and Geochemical Composition of the AND-2A Core, ANDRILL Southern McMurdo Sound Project, Antarctica
KS Panter, F Talarico, K Bassett, P Del Carlo, B Field, T Frank, ...
Terra Antartica 15, 147-192, 2008
Plio-Pleistocene exhumation of the eastern Himalayan syntaxis and its domal ‘pop-up’
L Bracciali, RR Parrish, Y Najman, A Smye, A Carter, JR Wijbrans
Earth-Science Reviews 160, 350-385, 2016
The Tiger Gabbro from northern Victoria Land, Antarctica: the roots of an island arc within the early Palaeozoic margin of Gondwana
L Bracciali, G Di Vincenzo, S Rocchi, C Ghezzo
Journal of the Geological Society 166 (4), 711-724, 2009
Cover sequences at the northern margin of the Antongil Craton, NE Madagascar
W Bauer, GJ Walsh, B De Waele, RJ Thomas, MSA Horstwood, ...
Precambrian Research 189 (3-4), 292-312, 2011
The upper lithostratigraphic unit of ANDRILL AND-2A core (Southern McMurdo Sound, Antarctica): local Pleistocene volcanic sources, paleoenvironmental implications and …
P Del Carlo, KS Panter, K Bassett, L Bracciali, G Di Vincenzo, S Rocchi
Global and Planetary Change 69 (3), 142-161, 2009
Build-up of the Tuolumne Batholith, California: the Johnson Granite Porphyry
L Bracciali, SR Paterson, V Memeti, S Rocchi, J Matzel, R Mundil
LASI III conference abstracts, 17-18, 2008
A snapshot of the Late Jurassic Western Tethys seafloor composition and morphology provided by the geochemistry of pelitic sediments (Corsica, Central Alps and Northern Apennines)
L Bracciali, L Pandolfi, S Rocchi
Basin Research 26 (3), 461-485, 2014
Coupled Zircon-Rutile U-Pb Chronology: LA ICP-MS Dating, Geological Significance and Applications to Sediment Provenance in the Eastern Himalayan-Indo-Burman Region
L Bracciali
Geosciences 9 (11), 467, 2019
The Early Paleozoic Antarctic Margin of Gondwana: A Synthetic Model after Twenty Years of Inestigations.
S Rocchi, G Di Vincenzo, M Gemelli, L Bracciali, C Ghezzo
Acta vulcanologica 20 (1/2), 1000-1015, 2008
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