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Genome-wide association study identifies susceptibility loci for IgA nephropathy
AG Gharavi, K Kiryluk, M Choi, Y Li, P Hou, J Xie, S Sanna-Cherchi, ...
Nature genetics 43 (4), 321-327, 2011
Discovery of new risk loci for IgA nephropathy implicates genes involved in immunity against intestinal pathogens
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Diagnostic utility of exome sequencing for kidney disease
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Renal outcome in patients with congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract
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Geographic differences in genetic susceptibility to IgA nephropathy: GWAS replication study and geospatial risk analysis
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Scara5 is a ferritin receptor mediating non-transferrin iron delivery
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Copy-number disorders are a common cause of congenital kidney malformations
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Isolated polycystic liver disease genes define effectors of polycystin-1 function
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Genetic approaches to human renal agenesis/hypoplasia and dysplasia
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α–Intercalated cells defend the urinary system from bacterial infection
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Mutations in DSTYK and Dominant Urinary Tract Malformations
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Genetic drivers of kidney defects in the DiGeorge syndrome
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HNF1B and PAX2 mutations are a common cause of renal hypodysplasia in the CKiD cohort
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Clinical implications of the solitary functioning kidney
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The genetic architecture of membranous nephropathy and its potential to improve non-invasive diagnosis
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Genetic basis of human congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract
S Sanna-Cherchi, R Westland, GM Ghiggeri, AG Gharavi
The Journal of clinical investigation 128 (1), 4-15, 2018
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