Alessandro Santilano
Alessandro Santilano
Research Fellow, Institute of Geoscience and Earth Resources, CNR of Pisa
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Data integration and favourability maps for exploring geothermal systems in Sicily, southern Italy
E Trumpy, A Donato, G Gianelli, G Gola, A Minissale, D Montanari, ...
Geothermics 56, 1-16, 2015
On the optimization of electromagnetic geophysical data: Application of the PSO algorithm
A Godio, A Santilano
Journal of Applied Geophysics 148, 163-174, 2018
Geothermal resources within carbonate reservoirs in western Sicily (Italy): A review
D Montanari, A Minissale, M Doveri, G Gola, E Trumpy, A Santilano, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 169, 180-201, 2017
Geothermal potential assessment for a low carbon strategy: A new systematic approach applied in southern Italy
E Trumpy, S Botteghi, F Caiozzi, A Donato, G Gola, D Montanari, ...
Energy 103, 167-181, 2016
Convective, intrusive geothermal plays: what about tectonics?
A Santilano, A Manzella, G Gianelli, A Donato, G Gola, I Nardini, ...
Geothermal Energy Science 3 (1), 51-59, 2015
The role of thermo-rheological properties of the crust beneath Ischia Island (Southern Italy) in the modulation of the ground deformation pattern
R Castaldo, G Gola, A Santilano, V De Novellis, S Pepe, M Manzo, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 344, 154-173, 2017
An integrated 3D approach to assess the geothermal heat-exchange potential: The case study of western Sicily (southern Italy)
A Santilano, A Donato, A Galgaro, D Montanari, A Menghini, A Viezzoli, ...
Renewable energy 97, 611-624, 2016
Particle swarm optimization for simultaneous analysis of magnetotelluric and time-domain electromagnetic data
A Santilano, A Godio, A Manzella
Geophysics 83 (3), E151-E159, 2018
Data integration and conceptual modelling of the Larderello geothermal area, Italy
G Gola, G Bertini, M Bonini, S Botteghi, A Brogi, R De Franco, A Dini, ...
Energy Procedia 125, 300-309, 2017
Electromagnetic and DC methods for geothermal exploration in Italy–case studies and future developments
A Santilano, A Giodio, A Manzella, A Menghini, E Rizzo, G Romano
first break 33 (8), 81-86, 2015
Shallow geothermal exploration by means of SkyTEM electrical resistivity data: an application in Sicily (Italy)
A Santilano, A Manzella, A Donato, D Montanari, G Gola, E Di Sipio, ...
Engineering Geology for Society and Territory-Volume 1, 363-367, 2015
Electrical Resistivity Structures and their Relation to Geological Features at the Larderello Geothermal Field (Italy)
A Santilano, A Godio, A Manzella, I Dini
Near Surface Geoscience 2015-21st European Meeting of Environmental and…, 2015
Particle swarm optimization of electromagnetic data with parallel computing in the 2D Case
F Pace, A Santilano, A Godio
23rd European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, 2017
Imaging the deep structures of the Larderello geothermal field (Italy) by electrical resistivity measurements: The IMAGE experiment
A Santilano, A Manzella, E Rizzo, V Giampaolo, L Capozzoli, A Godio
Proceeding, 1-5, 2016
Deep geothermal exploration by means of electromagnetic methods: New insights from the Larderello geothermal field (Italy)
A Santilano
Ph. D. thesis, Politecnico di Torino, 2017
Particle swarm Optimisation of electromagnetic soundings
A Godio, A Massarotto, A Santilano
Near Surface Geoscience 2016-22nd European Meeting of Environmental and…, 2016
VIGOR: Sviluppo geotermico nelle Regioni della Convergenza
C Albanese, A Allansdottir, L Amato, F Ardizzone, S Bellani, G Bertini, ...
Progetto VIGOR—Valutazione del Potenziale Geotermico delle Regioni della…, 2007
Particle swarm optimization of 2D magnetotelluric data
F Pace, A Santilano, A Godio
Geophysics 84 (3), E125-E141, 2019
Mapping super-critical geothermal resources in Europe
A Manzella, S Botteghi, O Flovenz, G Gola, G Pll Hersir, J Limberger, ...
Proceedings of the European Geothermal Congress 2019, 1-5, 2019
Synthetic Seismic Reflection Modelling in a Supercritical Geothermal System: An Image of the K-Horizon in the Larderello Field (Italy)
R de Franco, L Petracchini, D Scrocca, G Caielli, G Montegrossi, ...
Geofluids 2019, 2019
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