Nirmal Ganguli
Nirmal Ganguli
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal, Bhopal Bypass Road, Bhauri, Bhopal 462066
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The making of ferromagnetic Fe doped ZnO nanoclusters
N Ganguli, I Dasgupta, B Sanyal
Applied Physics Letters 94 (19), 192503, 2009
Electronic structure and magnetic properties of (Fe, Co)-codoped ZnO: Theory and experiment
D Karmakar, TVC Rao, JV Yakhmi, A Yaresko, VN Antonov, RM Kadam, ...
Physical Review B 81 (18), 184421, 2010
Channel-Assisted Proton Conduction Behavior in Hydroxyl-Rich Lanthanide-Based Magnetic Metal–Organic Frameworks
S Biswas, J Chakraborty, V Singh Parmar, SP Bera, N Ganguli, S Konar
Inorganic Chemistry 56 (9), 4956-4965, 2017
Tuning ferromagnetism at interfaces between insulating perovskite oxides
N Ganguli, PJ Kelly
Physical Review Letters 113 (12), 127201, 2014
Electronic structure and magnetism of transition metal doped Zn12O12 clusters: Role of defects
N Ganguli, I Dasgupta, B Sanyal
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (12), 123911, 2010
Long‐Range Visible Fluorescence Tunability Using Component‐Modulated Coupled Quantum Dots
S Sengupta, N Ganguli, I Dasgupta, DD Sarma, S Acharya
Advanced Materials 23 (17), 1998-2003, 2011
SixC1− xO2 alloys: A possible route to stabilize carbon-based silica-like solids?
A Aravindh, A Arkundato, S Barman, S Baroni, BL Bhargava, ...
Solid State Communications 144 (7-8), 273-276, 2007
First-principles study of the electronic structure of CdS/ZnSe coupled quantum dots
N Ganguli, S Acharya, I Dasgupta
Physical Review B 89 (24), 245423, 2014
Role of Te in the low-dimensional multiferroic material FeTe 2 O 5 Br
J Chakraborty, N Ganguli, T Saha-Dasgupta, I Dasgupta
Physical Review B 88 (9), 094409, 2013
How Crucial Are Finite Temperature and Solvent Effects on Structure and Absorption Spectra of Si10?
NA Murugan, I Dasgupta, A Chakraborty, N Ganguli, J Kongsted, H Ågren
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (50), 26618-26624, 2012
Itinerant ferromagnetism in -doped monolayers of
Y Gao, N Ganguli, PJ Kelly
Physical Review B 99 (22), 220406, 2019
Enhancement of the superconducting transition temperature by Re doping in Weyl semimetal
M Mandal, S Marik, KP Sajilesh, D Singh, J Chakraborty, N Ganguli, ...
Physical Review Materials 2 (9), 094201, 2018
A comparative study of magnetic and optical properties of Mn-, Gd-, and Nd-doped ZnO nanowires
A Chakraborty, CS Jong, N Ganguli, I Dasgupta
International Journal of Modern Physics B 31 (1), 1650241, 2017
Neutron diffraction and short range ordering study in multiferroic Bi2Fe4O9
AK Singh, SR Mohapatra, P Khare, N Ganguli, A Wildes, V Siruguri, ...
Materials Research Express 6 (6), 066107, 2019
DFT study of itinerant ferromagnetism in -doped monolayers of
Y Gao, N Ganguli, PJ Kelly
Physical Review B 100 (23), 235440, 2019
Defect Engineered MoS2 Nanostructures for ROS Generation in Dark: Anti-pollutant and Anti-fungal Performances
P Basu, J Chakraborty, N Ganguli, K Mukherjee, K Acharya, B Satpati, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2019
A suggestion for making the ferromagnetism at perovskite oxide interfaces robust
N Ganguli, P Kelly
APS Meeting Abstracts, 2014
Magnetic properties of Mn-doped Ge46 and Ba8Ge46 clathrates
N Ganguli, KV Shanavas, I Dasgupta
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 24 (50), 505501, 2012
Tuning of Long range Visible Emissions Using Coupled Quantum Dots
S Sengupta, N Ganguli, I Dasgupta, DD Sarma, S Acharya
AIP Conference Proceedings 1349 (1), 277-278, 2011
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