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Periphyton biofilms: A novel and natural biological system for the effective removal of sulphonated azo dye methyl orange by synergistic mechanism
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Application of Aspergillus niger SA1 for the enhanced bioremoval of azo dyes in simulated textile effluent
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Characterization of Electrical Current-Generation Capabilities from Thermophilic Bacterium Thermoanaerobacter pseudethanolicus Using Xylose, Glucose …
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Reduction of contaminants (physical, chemical, and microbial) in domestic wastewater through hybrid constructed wetland
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Performance efficiency of an integrated stone media fixed biofilm reactor and sand filter for sewage treatment
ZU Khan, I Naz, A Rehman, M Rafiq, N Ali, S Ahmed
Desalination and Water Treatment 54 (10), 2638-2647, 2015
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