Lars Heepe
Lars Heepe
Functional Morphology and Biomechanics, Zoological Institute, Kiel University, Germany
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Biologically Inspired Mushroom-Shaped Adhesive Microstructures
L Heepe, SN Gorb
Annual Review of Materials Research 44, 173-203, 2014
Joining the Un‐Joinable: Adhesion Between Low Surface Energy Polymers Using Tetrapodal ZnO Linkers
X Jin, J Strueben, L Heepe, A Kovalev, YK Mishra, R Adelung, SN Gorb, ...
Advanced Materials 24 (42), 5676-5680, 2012
Adhesion Failure at 180 000 Frames per Second: Direct Observation of the Detachment Process of a Mushroom-Shaped Adhesive
L Heepe, AE Kovalev, AE Filippov, SN Gorb
Physical Review Letters 111 (10), 104301, 2013
Suction component in adhesion of mushroom-shaped microstructure
L Heepe, M Varenberg, Y Itovich, SN Gorb
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 8 (57), 585-589, 2010
Ultrastructure of dragonfly wing veins: composite structure of fibrous material supplemented by resilin
E Appel, L Heepe, CP Lin, SN Gorb
Journal of Anatomy 227 (4), 561-582, 2015
Dry friction of microstructured polymer surfaces inspired by snake skin
MJ Baum, L Heepe, E Fadeeva, SN Gorb
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 5 (1), 1091-1103, 2014
Adhesion tilt-tolerance in bio-inspired mushroom-shaped adhesive microstructure
L Heepe, G Carbone, E Pierro, AE Kovalev, SN Gorb
Applied Physics Letters 104 (1), 011906, 2014
Friction behavior of a microstructured polymer surface inspired by snake skin
MJ Baum, L Heepe, SN Gorb
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 5 (1), 83-97, 2014
Adhesion control by inflation: implications from biology to artificial attachment device
K Dening, L Heepe, L Afferrante, G Carbone, SN Gorb
Applied Physics A 116 (2), 567-573, 2014
First mushroom-shaped adhesive microstructure: a review
L Heepe, AE Kovalev, M Varenberg, J Tuma, SN Gorb
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters 2 (1), 014008, 2012
Challenges and Solutions for Joining Polymer Materials
X Jin, L Heepe, J Strueben, R Adelung, SN Gorb, A Staubitz
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 35 (18), 1551–1570, 2014
Biological fibrillar adhesives: functional principles and biomimetic applications
SN Gorb, L Heepe
Handbook of Adhesion Technology,, 2017
Enhanced Locomotion Efficiency of a Bio-inspired Walking Robot using Contact Surfaces with Frictional Anisotropy
P Manoonpong, D Petersen, A Kovalev, F Wrgtter, SN Gorb, M Spinner, ...
Scientific reports 6, 39455, 2016
Comparative study of the fluid viscosity in tarsal hairy attachment systems of flies and beetles
H Peisker, L Heepe, AE Kovalev, SN Gorb
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 11 (99), 20140752, 2014
Direct observation of microcavitation in underwater adhesion of mushroom-shaped adhesive microstructure
L Heepe, AE Kovalev, SN Gorb
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 5 (1), 903-909, 2014
Walking inverted on ceilings with wheel-legs and micro-structured adhesives
WA Breckwoldt, K Daltorio, L Heepe, AD Horchler, SN Gorb, RD Quinn
Intelligent Robots and Systems 2015. (IROS 2015). 2015 IEEE/RSJ…, 2015
Influence of ambient humidity on the attachment ability of ladybird beetles (Coccinella septempunctata)
L Heepe, JO Wolff, SN Gorb
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 7 (1), 1322-1329, 2016
An experimental study of double-peeling mechanism inspired by biological adhesive systems
L Heepe, S Raguseo, SN Gorb
Applied Physics A 123 (2), 124, 2017
Tarsal attachment devices of the southern green stink bug Nezara viridula (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)
M Rebora, J Michels, G Salerno, L Heepe, E Gorb, S Gorb
Journal of morphology 279 (5), 660-672, 2018
Inversion of friction anisotropy in a bio-inspired asymmetrically structured surface
HT Tramsen, SN Gorb, H Zhang, P Manoonpong, Z Dai, L Heepe
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 15 (138), 20170629, 2018
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