Jean-Jacques Bonvent
Jean-Jacques Bonvent
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Tetracycline hydrochloride-loaded electrospun nanofibers mats based on PVA and chitosan for wound dressing
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Efeito do treinamento muscular respiratório por meio do manovacuômetro e do Threshold Pep em pacientes hemiparéticos hospitalizados
FE Fernandes, SRG Martins, JJ Bonvent
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Cellulose nanostructures obtained from waste paper industry: a comparison of acid and mechanical isolation methods
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Efficient condensation of DNA into environmentally responsive polyplexes produced from block catiomers carrying amine or diamine groups
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Elbctroclinic and dielectric properties of chiral SmC influenced by the substance chirality
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Easy access to 19F-labeled nanoparticles for use as MRI contrast probes via self-assembly of fluorinated copolymers synthesized by sequential RAFT polymerization
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Influence of Structural Features on the Cellular Uptake Behavior of Non‐Targeted Polyester‐Based Nanocarriers
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A comparative study of aligned and random electrospun mats of thermoplastic polyurethane and conductive additives based on polypyrrole
C Merlini, A Silveira, SDAS Ramôa, BG Soares, AC Alavarse, JJ Bonvent, ...
Polymer Testing 70, 486-497, 2018
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