Noriyuki Nishimura
Noriyuki Nishimura
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO)
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Abscisic acid inhibits type 2C protein phosphatases via the PYR/PYL family of START proteins
SY Park, P Fung, N Nishimura, DR Jensen, H Fujii, Y Zhao, S Lumba, ...
science 324 (5930), 1068-1071, 2009
Guard Cell Signal Transduction Network: Advances in Understanding Abscisic Acid, CO2, and Ca2+ Signaling
TH Kim, M B÷hmer, H Hu, N Nishimura, JI Schroeder
Annual review of plant biology 61, 561-591, 2010
SLAC1 is required for plant guard cell S-type anion channel function in stomatal signalling
T Vahisalu, H Kollist, YF Wang, N Nishimura, WY Chan, G Valerio, ...
Nature 452 (7186), 487, 2008
Early abscisic acid signal transduction mechanisms: newly discovered components and newly emerging questions
KE Hubbard, N Nishimura, K Hitomi, ED Getzoff, JI Schroeder
Genes & Development 24 (16), 1695-1708, 2010
Structural mechanism of abscisic acid binding and signaling by dimeric PYR1
N Nishimura, K Hitomi, AS Arvai, RP Rambo, C Hitomi, SR Cutler, ...
Science 326 (5958), 1373-1379, 2009
PYR/PYL/RCAR family members are major in‐vivo ABI1 protein phosphatase 2C‐interacting proteins in Arabidopsis
N Nishimura, A Sarkeshik, K Nito, SY Park, A Wang, PC Carvalho, S Lee, ...
The Plant Journal 61 (2), 290-299, 2010
ABA-hypersensitive germination3 encodes a protein phosphatase 2C (AtPP2CA) that strongly regulates abscisic acid signaling during germination among Arabidopsis proteiná…
T Yoshida, N Nishimura, N Kitahata, T Kuromori, T Ito, T Asami, ...
Plant Physiology 140 (1), 115-126, 2006
ABA‐Hypersensitive Germination1 encodes a protein phosphatase 2C, an essential component of abscisic acid signaling in Arabidopsis seed
N Nishimura, T Yoshida, N Kitahata, T Asami, K Shinozaki, T Hirayama
The Plant Journal 50 (6), 935-949, 2007
Potent hydroxyl radical-scavenging activity of drought-induced type-2 metallothionein in wild watermelon
K Akashi, N Nishimura, Y Ishida, A Yokota
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 323 (1), 72-78, 2004
Calcium elevation‐dependent and attenuated resting calcium‐dependent abscisic acid induction of stomatal closure and abscisic acid‐induced enhancement of calcium sensitivitiesá…
RS Siegel, S Xue, Y Murata, Y Yang, N Nishimura, A Wang, JI Schroeder
The Plant Journal 59 (2), 207-220, 2009
FRET-based reporters for the direct visualization of abscisic acid concentration changes and distribution in Arabidopsis
R Waadt, K Hitomi, N Nishimura, C Hitomi, SR Adams, ED Getzoff, ...
Elife 3, e01739, 2014
Analysis of ABA hypersensitive germination2 revealed the pivotal functions of PARN in stress response in Arabidopsis
N Nishimura, N Kitahata, M Seki, Y Narusaka, M Narusaka, T Kuromori, ...
The Plant Journal 44 (6), 972-984, 2005
Chemical genetics reveals negative regulation of abscisic acid signaling by a plant immune response pathway
TH Kim, F Hauser, T Ha, S Xue, M B÷hmer, N Nishimura, S Munemasa, ...
Current Biology 21 (11), 990-997, 2011
The lesion-mimic mutant cpr22 shows alterations in abscisic acid signaling and abscisic acid insensitivity in a salicylic acid-dependent manner
S Mosher, W Moeder, N Nishimura, Y Jikumaru, SH Joo, W Urquhart, ...
Plant physiology 152 (4), 1901-1913, 2010
Isolation and characterization of novel mutants affecting the abscisic acid sensitivity of Arabidopsis germination and seedling growth
N Nishimura, T Yoshida, M Murayama, T Asami, K Shinozaki, T Hirayama
Plant and cell physiology 45 (10), 1485-1499, 2004
Identification of cyclic GMP-activated nonselective Ca2+-permeable cation channels and associated CNGC5 and CNGC6 genes in Arabidopsis guard cells
YF Wang, S Munemasa, N Nishimura, HM Ren, N Robert, M Han, ...
Plant Physiology 163 (2), 578-590, 2013
Isolation of Arabidopsis ahg11, a weak ABA hypersensitive mutant defective in nad4 RNA editing
M Murayama, S Hayashi, N Nishimura, M Ishide, K Kobayashi, Y Yagi, ...
Journal of experimental botany 63 (14), 5301-5310, 2012
Control of seed dormancy and germination by DOG1-AHG1 PP2C phosphatase complex via binding to heme
N Nishimura, W Tsuchiya, JJ Moresco, Y Hayashi, K Satoh, N Kaiwa, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 2132, 2018
Mutations in the SLAC1 anion channel slow stomatal opening and severely reduce K+ uptake channel activity via enhanced cytosolic [Ca2+] and increased Ca2+ sensitivity of K+á…
K Laanemets, YF Wang, O Lindgren, J Wu, N Nishimura, S Lee, ...
New Phytologist 197 (1), 88-98, 2013
ABA hypersensitive germination2-1 causes the activation of both abscisic acid and salicylic acid responses in Arabidopsis
N Nishimura, M Okamoto, M Narusaka, M Yasuda, H Nakashita, ...
Plant and cell physiology 50 (12), 2112-2122, 2009
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