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Rearing of Hermetia Illucens on Different Organic By-Products: Influence on Growth, Waste Reduction, and Environmental Impact
L Bava, C Jucker, G Gislon, D Lupi, S Savoldelli, M Zucali, S Colombini
Animals 9 (6), 289, 2019
Effects of high fibre and low protein diets on performance, digestibility, nitrogen excretion and ammonia emission in the heavy pig
G Galassi, S Colombini, L Malagutti, GM Crovetto, L Rapetti
Animal Feed Science and Technology 161 (3-4), 140-148, 2010
Effect of dietary starch concentration and fish oil supplementation on milk yield and composition, diet digestibility, and methane emissions in lactating dairy cows
M Pirondini, S Colombini, M Mele, L Malagutti, L Rapetti, G Galassi, ...
Journal of dairy science 98 (1), 357-372, 2015
Evaluation of Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz meal as an alternative protein source in ruminant rations
S Colombini, GA Broderick, I Galasso, T Martinelli, L Rapetti, R Russo, ...
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 94 (4), 736-743, 2014
Fermentative profiles of field pea (Pisum sativum), faba bean (Vicia faba) and white lupin (Lupinus albus) silages as affected by wilting and inoculation
G Borreani, AR Chion, S Colombini, M Odoardi, R Paoletti, E Tabacco
Animal Feed Science and Technology 151 (3-4), 316-323, 2009
Milk production, nitrogen balance, and fiber digestibility prediction of corn, whole plant grain sorghum, and forage sorghum silages in the dairy cow
S Colombini, G Galassi, GM Crovetto, L Rapetti
Journal of Dairy Science 95 (8), 4457-4467, 2012
Precision and accuracy of in vitro digestion of neutral detergent fiber and predicted net energy of lactation content of fibrous feeds
M Spanghero, P Berzaghi, R Fortina, F Masoero, L Rapetti, C Zanfi, ...
Journal of dairy science 93 (10), 4855-4859, 2010
Evaluation of the effects of different diets on microbiome diversity and fatty acid composition of rumen liquor in dairy goat
P Cremonesi, G Conte, M Severgnini, F Turri, A Monni, E Capra, L Rapetti, ...
Animal 12 (9), 1856-1866, 2018
Management practices and forage quality affecting the contamination of milk with anaerobic spore‐forming bacteria
M Zucali, L Bava, S Colombini, M Brasca, M Decimo, S Morandi, ...
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 95 (6), 1294-1302, 2015
Brown midrib forage sorghum silage for the dairy cow: nutritive value and comparison with corn silage in the diet
S Colombini, L Rapetti, D Colombo, G Galassi, GM Crovetto
Italian Journal of Animal Science 9 (3), e53, 2010
ValorE: An integrated and GIS-based decision support system for livestock manure management in the Lombardy region (northern Italy)
M Acutis, L Alfieri, A Giussani, G Provolo, A Di Guardo, S Colombini, ...
Land use policy 41, 149-162, 2014
Impact of agro-industrial byproducts on bioconversion, chemical composition, in vitro digestibility, and microbiota of the black soldier fly (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) larvae
G Galassi, C Jucker, P Parma, D Lupi, GM Crovetto, S Savoldelli, ...
Journal of Insect Science 21 (1), 8, 2021
True dry matter digestibility of feeds evaluated in situ with different bags and in vitro using rumen fluid collected from intact donor cows
F Tagliapietra, M Cattani, IK Hindrichsen, HH Hansen, S Colombini, ...
Animal production science 52 (5), 338-346, 2012
Nutritive value of different hybrids of sorghum forage determined in vitro
D Colombo, GM Crovetto, S Colombini, G Galassi, L Rapetti
Italian Journal of Animal Science 6 (sup1), 289-291, 2007
Chemical and ruminal in vitro evaluation of Canadian canola meals produced over 4 years
GA Broderick, S Colombini, S Costa, MA Karsli, AP Faciola
Journal of dairy science 99 (10), 7956-7970, 2016
Substitution of corn silage with sorghum silages in lactating cow diets: In vivo methane emission and global warming potential of milk production
S Colombini, M Zucali, L Rapetti, GM Crovetto, A Sandrucci, L Bava
Agricultural Systems 136, 106-113, 2015
Methane yield from dry and lactating cows diets in the Po Plain (Italy) using an in vitro gas production technique
M Pirondini, L Malagutti, S Colombini, P Amodeo, GM Crovetto
Italian Journal of Animal Science 11 (3), e61, 2012
Rumen inoculum collected from cows at slaughter or from a continuous fermenter and preserved in warm, refrigerated, chilled or freeze-dried environments for in vitro tests
M Spanghero, M Chiaravalli, S Colombini, C Fabro, F Froldi, F Mason, ...
Animals 9 (10), 815, 2019
Effects of a selection of additives on in vitro ruminal methanogenesis and in situ and in vivo NDF digestibility
M Pirondini, S Colombini, L Malagutti, L Rapetti, G Galassi, R Zanchi, ...
Animal Science Journal 86 (1), 59-68, 2015
Milk production, methane emissions, nitrogen, and energy balance of cows fed diets based on different forage systems
G Gislon, S Colombini, G Borreani, GM Crovetto, A Sandrucci, G Galassi, ...
Journal of dairy science 103 (9), 8048-8061, 2020
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