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Effects of high fibre and low protein diets on performance, digestibility, nitrogen excretion and ammonia emission in the heavy pig
G Galassi, S Colombini, L Malagutti, GM Crovetto, L Rapetti
Animal Feed Science and Technology 161 (3-4), 140-148, 2010
Rearing of Hermetia Illucens on Different Organic By-Products: Influence on Growth, Waste Reduction, and Environmental Impact
L Bava, C Jucker, G Gislon, D Lupi, S Savoldelli, M Zucali, S Colombini
Animals 9 (6), 289, 2019
Effect of dietary starch concentration and fish oil supplementation on milk yield and composition, diet digestibility, and methane emissions in lactating dairy cows
M Pirondini, S Colombini, M Mele, L Malagutti, L Rapetti, G Galassi, ...
Journal of dairy science 98 (1), 357-372, 2015
Evaluation of Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz meal as an alternative protein source in ruminant rations
S Colombini, GA Broderick, I Galasso, T Martinelli, L Rapetti, R Russo, ...
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 94 (4), 736-743, 2014
Fermentative profiles of field pea (Pisum sativum), faba bean (Vicia faba) and white lupin (Lupinus albus) silages as affected by wilting and inoculation
G Borreani, AR Chion, S Colombini, M Odoardi, R Paoletti, E Tabacco
Animal Feed Science and Technology 151 (3-4), 316-323, 2009
Precision and accuracy of in vitro digestion of neutral detergent fiber and predicted net energy of lactation content of fibrous feeds
M Spanghero, P Berzaghi, R Fortina, F Masoero, L Rapetti, C Zanfi, ...
Journal of dairy science 93 (10), 4855-4859, 2010
Milk production, nitrogen balance, and fiber digestibility prediction of corn, whole plant grain sorghum, and forage sorghum silages in the dairy cow
S Colombini, G Galassi, GM Crovetto, L Rapetti
Journal of Dairy Science 95 (8), 4457-4467, 2012
Evaluation of the effects of different diets on microbiome diversity and fatty acid composition of rumen liquor in dairy goat
P Cremonesi, G Conte, M Severgnini, F Turri, A Monni, E Capra, L Rapetti, ...
Animal 12 (9), 1856-1866, 2018
Management practices and forage quality affecting the contamination of milk with anaerobic spore‐forming bacteria
M Zucali, L Bava, S Colombini, M Brasca, M Decimo, S Morandi, ...
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 95 (6), 1294-1302, 2015
Brown midrib forage sorghum silage for the dairy cow: nutritive value and comparison with corn silage in the diet
S Colombini, L Rapetti, D Colombo, G Galassi, GM Crovetto
Italian Journal of Animal Science 9 (3), e53, 2010
ValorE: An integrated and GIS-based decision support system for livestock manure management in the Lombardy region (northern Italy)
M Acutis, L Alfieri, A Giussani, G Provolo, A Di Guardo, S Colombini, ...
Land use policy 41, 149-162, 2014
Nutritive value of different hybrids of sorghum forage determined in vitro
D Colombo, GM Crovetto, S Colombini, G Galassi, L Rapetti
Italian Journal of Animal Science 6 (sup1), 289-291, 2007
True dry matter digestibility of feeds evaluated in situ with different bags and in vitro using rumen fluid collected from intact donor cows
F Tagliapietra, M Cattani, IK Hindrichsen, HH Hansen, S Colombini, ...
Animal production science 52 (5), 338-346, 2012
Substitution of corn silage with sorghum silages in lactating cow diets: In vivo methane emission and global warming potential of milk production
S Colombini, M Zucali, L Rapetti, GM Crovetto, A Sandrucci, L Bava
Agricultural Systems 136, 106-113, 2015
Methane yield from dry and lactating cows diets in the Po Plain (Italy) using an in vitro gas production technique
M Pirondini, L Malagutti, S Colombini, P Amodeo, GM Crovetto
Italian Journal of Animal Science 11 (3), e61, 2012
Chemical and ruminal in vitro evaluation of Canadian canola meals produced over 4 years
GA Broderick, S Colombini, S Costa, MA Karsli, AP Faciola
Journal of dairy science 99 (10), 7956-7970, 2016
Relationship between milk urea level, protein feeding and urinary nitrogen excretion in high producing dairy goats
L Rapetti, S Colombini, G Galassi, GM Crovetto, L Malagutti
Small Ruminant Research 121 (1), 96-100, 2014
Impact of agro-industrial byproducts on bioconversion, chemical composition, in vitro digestibility, and microbiota of the black soldier fly (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) larvae
G Galassi, C Jucker, P Parma, D Lupi, GM Crovetto, S Savoldelli, ...
Journal of Insect Science 21 (1), 8, 2021
Effects of a selection of additives on in vitro ruminal methanogenesis and in situ and in vivo NDF digestibility
M Pirondini, S Colombini, L Malagutti, L Rapetti, G Galassi, R Zanchi, ...
Animal Science Journal 86 (1), 59-68, 2015
Digestibility and metabolic utilization of diets containing whole-ear corn silage and their effects on growth and slaughter traits of heavy pigs
C Zanfi, S Colombini, F Mason, G Galassi, L Rapetti, L Malagutti, ...
Journal of animal science 92 (1), 211-219, 2014
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