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Remediation of textile effluents by membrane based treatment techniques: a state of the art review
J Dasgupta, J Sikder, S Chakraborty, S Curcio, E Drioli
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Pt nanoparticle-based highly sensitive platform for the enzyme-free amperometric sensing of H2O2
S Chakraborty, CR Raj
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S Chakraborty, CR Raj
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J Sikder, S Chakraborty, P Pal, E Drioli, C Bhattacharjee
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S Sarkar, S Chakraborty, C Bhattacharjee
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Enzymatic transesterification of waste vegetable oil to produce biodiesel
CG Lopresto, S Naccarato, L Albo, MG De Paola, S Chakraborty, S Curcio, ...
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 121, 229-235, 2015
Eggshell: a green adsorbent for heavy metal removal in an MBR system
M Pettinato, S Chakraborty, HA Arafat, V Calabro
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 121, 57-62, 2015
Lactose hydrolysis by β-galactosidase enzyme: optimization using response surface methodology
B Das, AP Roy, S Bhattacharjee, S Chakraborty, C Bhattacharjee
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Electrocatalytic performance of carbon nanotube-supported palladium particles in the oxidation of formic acid and the reduction of oxygen
S Chakraborty, CR Raj
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S Chakraborty, CR Raj
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N Raghav, S Chakraborty, PK Maiti
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (32), 20557-20562, 2015
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J Dasgupta, M Singh, J Sikder, V Padarthi, S Chakraborty, S Curcio
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R Das, S Sarkar, S Chakraborty, H Choi, C Bhattacharjee
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A Sumisha, G Arthanareeswaran, YL Thuyavan, AF Ismail, S Chakraborty
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Immobilized biocatalytic process development and potential application in membrane separation: a review
S Chakraborty, H Rusli, A Nath, J Sikder, C Bhattacharjee, S Curcio, ...
Critical reviews in biotechnology 36 (1), 43-58, 2016
Biomass to biofuel: a review on production technology
S Chakraborty, V Aggarwal, D Mukherjee, K Andras
Asia‐Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering 7, S254-S262, 2012
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