Roger Gonçalves
Roger Gonçalves
Researcher in Chemistry of UFSCar
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Synergic effect of silver nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes on the simultaneous voltammetric determination of hydroquinone, catechol, bisphenol A and phenol
LA Goulart, R Gonçalves, AA Correa, EC Pereira, LH Mascaro
Microchimica Acta 185, 1-9, 2018
A new generation of electrochemical supercapacitors based on layer-by-layer polymer films
WA Christinelli, R Gonçalves, EC Pereira
Journal of Power Sources 303, 73-80, 2016
Pristine carbon nitride as active material for high-performance metal-free supercapacitors: simple, easy and cheap
R Gonçalves, TM Lima, MW Paixão, EC Pereira
RSC advances 8 (61), 35327-35336, 2018
Nafion-based ionomeric polymer/metal composites operating in the air: theoretical and electrochemical analysis
R Gonçalves, KA Tozzi, MC Saccardo, AG Zuquello, CH Scuracchio
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 24 (8), 1845-1856, 2020
Counter-ion and humidity effects on electromechanical properties of Nafion®/Pt composites
MC Saccardo, AG Zuquello, KA Tozzi, R Gonçalves, LA Hirano, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 244, 122674, 2020
The Overoxidation of poly (3-hexylthiophene)(P3HT) Thin Film: CV and EIS measurements
R Gonçalves, EC Pereira, LF Marchesi
International Journal of Electrochemical Science 12 (3), 1983-1991, 2017
Oxygen reduction reaction: Semi-empirical quantum mechanical and electrochemical study of Printex L6 carbon black
PJM Cordeiro-Junior, R Gonçalves, TT Guaraldo, R da Silva Paiva, ...
Carbon 156, 1-9, 2020
Carbon nitride/polypyrrole composite supercapacitor: boosting performance and stability
R Gonçalves, RS Paiva, TM Lima, MW Paixão, EC Pereira
Electrochimica Acta 368, 137570, 2021
Gluconate action in the hydration of calcium aluminate cements: theoretical study, processing of aqueous suspensions and hydration reactivation
T dos Santos Jr, CI Pereira, R Gonçalves, VR Salvini, C Zetterström, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 39 (8), 2748-2759, 2019
Electromechanical evaluation of ionomeric polymer-metal composites using video analysis
MC Saccardo, AG Zuquello, R Gonçalves, KA Tozzi, R Barbosa, ...
Materials Research 24, e20210317, 2021
Investigation of the electrochemical aging of poly (3-hexiltiophene) using impedance spectroscopy
R Gonçalves, AA Correa, R Pereira, EC Pereira
Electrochimica Acta 190, 329-336, 2016
Improving electrochemical stability and electromechanical efficiency of ipmcs: tuning ionic liquid concentration
KA Tozzi, R Gonçalves, R Barbosa, MC Saccardo, A Zuquello, E Sgreccia, ...
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 53 (2), 241-255, 2023
Properties improvement of poly (o-methoxyaniline) based supercapacitors: experimental and theoretical behaviour study of self-doping effect
R Gonçalves, WA Christinelli, AB Trench, A Cuesta, EC Pereira
Electrochimica Acta 228, 57-65, 2017
Optimization of electrochemical capacitor stability of poly (o-methoxyaniline)-poly (3-thiophene acetic acid) self-assembled films
WA Christinelli, R Goncalves, EC Pereira
Electrochimica Acta 196, 741-748, 2016
Exploring effects of microwave-assisted thermal annealing on optical properties of Zn2GeO4 nanostructured films
VY Suzuki, NH de Paula, R Gonçalves, MS Li, EC Pereira, E Longo, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 246, 7-12, 2019
The electropolymerization of several poly (3‐methylthiophene) films in the same used solution and its consequence in their properties
AA Correa, R Gonçalves, R Pereira, EC Pereira
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 134 (2), 2017
PI controller for IPMC actuators based on Nafion®/PT using machine vision for feedback response at different relative humidities
AG Zuquello, MC Saccardo, R Gonçalves, KA Tozzi, R Barbosa, ...
Materials Research 25, e20210518, 2022
Improving the swelling, mechanical, and electrical properties in natural rubber latex/carbon nanotubes nanocomposites: effect of the sonication method
R Barbosa, R Goncalves, KA Tozzi, MC Saccardo, AG Zuquello, ...
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 139 (23), 52325, 2022
Reduced graphene oxide enhancing the photoelectrochemical properties of poly (3-hexylthiophene)
R Gonçalves, FC Moraes, EC Pereira
Carbon 109, 57-64, 2016
Amino acid-driven hydrophobization of alumina and production of particle stabilised foams in a broader pH range
T dos Santos Junior, CI Pereira, R Goncalves, CHM Fernandes, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 40 (12), 4243-4252, 2020
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