Sophie Carenco
Sophie Carenco
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Nanoscaled metal borides and phosphides: recent developments and perspectives
S Carenco, D Portehault, C Boissiere, N Mezailles, C Sanchez
Chemical reviews 113 (10), 7981-8065, 2013
Controlled design of size-tunable monodisperse nickel nanoparticles
S Carenco, C Boissiere, L Nicole, C Sanchez, P Le Floch, N Mézailles
Chemistry of Materials 22 (4), 1340-1349, 2010
Size-dependent dissociation of carbon monoxide on cobalt nanoparticles
A Tuxen, S Carenco, M Chintapalli, CH Chuang, C Escudero, E Pach, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (6), 2273-2278, 2013
Nickel phosphide nanocatalysts for the chemoselective hydrogenation of alkynes
S Carenco, A Leyva-Pérez, P Concepcion, C Boissière, N Mézailles, ...
Nano Today 7 (1), 21-28, 2012
Morphological and Structural Evolution of Co3O4 Nanoparticles Revealed by in Situ Electrochemical Transmission Electron Microscopy during Electrocatalytic …
N Ortiz Peña, D Ihiawakrim, M Han, B Lassalle-Kaiser, S Carenco, ...
ACS nano 13 (10), 11372-11381, 2019
25th anniversary article: exploring nanoscaled matter from speciation to phase diagrams: metal phosphide nanoparticles as a case of study
S Carenco, D Portehault, C Boissière, N Mézailles, C Sanchez
Advanced Materials 26 (3), 371-390, 2014
Improving the Li-Electrochemical Properties of Monodisperse Ni2P Nanoparticles by Self-Generated Carbon Coating
S Carenco, C Surcin, M Morcrette, D Larcher, N Mézailles, C Boissière, ...
Chemistry of Materials 24 (4), 688-697, 2012
Dealloying of cobalt from CuCo nanoparticles under syngas exposure
S Carenco, A Tuxen, M Chintapalli, E Pach, C Escudero, TD Ewers, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (12), 6259-6266, 2013
Metal-dependent interplay between crystallization and phosphorus diffusion during the synthesis of metal phosphide nanoparticles
S Carenco, Y Hu, I Florea, O Ersen, C Boissière, N Mézailles, C Sanchez
Chemistry of Materials 24 (21), 4134-4145, 2012
Thermal stability of core–shell nanoparticles: A combined in situ study by XPS and TEM
CS Bonifacio, S Carenco, CH Wu, SD House, H Bluhm, JC Yang
Chemistry of Materials 27 (20), 6960-6968, 2015
Magnetic Core− Shell Nanoparticles from Nanoscale-Induced Phase Segregation
S Carenco, XF Le Goff, J Shi, L Roiban, O Ersen, C Boissière, C Sanchez, ...
Chemistry of Materials 23 (8), 2270-2277, 2011
White phosphorus and metal nanoparticles: a versatile route to metal phosphide nanoparticles
S Carenco, M Demange, J Shi, C Boissière, C Sanchez, P Le Floch, ...
Chemical communications 46 (30), 5578-5580, 2010
Synthesis and Structural Evolution of Nickel–Cobalt Nanoparticles Under H2 and CO2
S Carenco, CH Wu, A Shavorskiy, S Alayoglu, GA Somorjai, H Bluhm, ...
Small 11 (25), 3045-3053, 2015
Revisiting the Molecular Roots of a Ubiquitously Successful Synthesis: Nickel(0) Nanoparticles by Reduction of [Ni(acetylacetonate)2]
S Carenco, S Labouille, S Bouchonnet, C Boissière, XF Le Goff, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 18 (44), 14165-14173, 2012
White phosphorus as single source of “P” in the synthesis of nickel phosphide
S Carenco, I Resa, X Le Goff, P Le Floch, N Mézailles
Chemical communications, 2568-2570, 2008
Organometallic ruthenium nanoparticles as model catalysts for CO hydrogenation: A nuclear magnetic resonance and ambient-pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study
LM Martínez-Prieto, S Carenco, CH Wu, E Bonnefille, S Axnanda, Z Liu, ...
ACS Catalysis 4 (9), 3160-3168, 2014
The active state of supported ruthenium oxide nanoparticles during carbon dioxide methanation
S Carenco, C Sassoye, M Faustini, P Eloy, DP Debecker, H Bluhm, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (28), 15354-15361, 2016
Structural transitions at the nanoscale: the example of palladium phosphides synthesized from white phosphorus
S Carenco, Y Hu, I Florea, O Ersen, C Boissière, C Sanchez, N Mézailles
Dalton Transactions 42 (35), 12667-12674, 2013
In situ solid–gas reactivity of nanoscaled metal borides from molten salt synthesis
G Gouget, DP Debecker, A Kim, G Olivieri, JJ Gallet, F Bournel, C Thomas, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 56 (15), 9225-9234, 2017
Metal oxysulfides: from bulk compounds to nanomaterials
C Larquet, S Carenco
Frontiers in Chemistry 8, 179, 2020
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