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Complex palytoxin‐like profile of Ostreopsis ovata. Identification of four new ovatoxins by high‐resolution liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry
P Ciminiello, C Dell'Aversano, ED Iacovo, E Fattorusso, M Forino, ...
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Stereostructure and Biological Activity of 42-Hydroxy-palytoxin: A New Palytoxin Analogue from Hawaiian Palythoa Subspecies
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The emerging physiological roles of the glycerophosphodiesterase family
D Corda, MG Mosca, N Ohshima, L Grauso, N Yanaka, S Mariggiò
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Spirolide Toxin Profile of Adriatic Alexandrium ostenfeldii Cultures and Structure Elucidation of 27-Hydroxy-13,19-didesmethyl Spirolide C
P Ciminiello, C DellʼAversano, E Fattorusso, M Forino, L Grauso, ...
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High Resolution LC-MSn Fragmentation Pattern of Palytoxin as Template to Gain New Insights into Ovatoxin-a Structure. The Key Role of Calcium in MS Behavior …
P Ciminiello, C Dell’Aversano, E Dello Iacovo, E Fattorusso, M Forino, ...
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Characterization of 27-hydroxy-13-desmethyl spirolide C and 27-oxo-13, 19-didesmethyl spirolide C. Further insights into the complex Adriatic Alexandrium ostenfeldii toxin profile
P Ciminiello, C Dell’Aversano, ED Iacovo, E Fattorusso, M Forino, ...
Toxicon 56 (8), 1327-1333, 2010
A 4-decade-long (and still ongoing) hunt for palytoxins chemical architecture
P Ciminiello, C Dell’Aversano, E Fattorusso, M Forino, L Grauso, ...
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Co-culture of plant beneficial microbes as source of bioactive metabolites
F Vinale, R Nicoletti, F Borrelli, A Mangoni, OA Parisi, R Marra, ...
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Desulfoyessotoxins from Adriatic Mussels: a new problem for seafood safety control
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Could molecular effects of Caulerpa racemosa metabolites modulate the impact on fish populations of Diplodus sargus?
S Gorbi, ME Giuliani, L Pittura, G d'Errico, A Terlizzi, S Felline, L Grauso, ...
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Computational prediction of chiroptical properties in structure elucidation of natural products
L Grauso, R Teta, G Esposito, M Menna, A Mangoni
Natural product reports 36 (7), 1005-1030, 2019
Cyanobacterial ent‐Sterol‐Like Natural Products from a Deviated Ubiquinone Pathway
P Moosmann, R Ueoka, L Grauso, A Mangoni, BI Morinaka, M Gugger, ...
Angewandte Chemie 129 (18), 5069-5072, 2017
Stereochemical Studies on Ovatoxin‐a
P Ciminiello, C Dell'Aversano, E Dello Iacovo, E Fattorusso, M Forino, ...
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Full relative stereochemistry assignment and conformational analysis of 13, 19-didesmethyl spirolide C via NMR-and molecular modeling-based techniques. A step towards …
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Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 7 (18), 3674-3681, 2009
Metabolomics of the alimurgic plants Taraxacum officinale, Papaver rhoeas and Urtica dioica by combined NMR and GC–MS analysis
L Grauso, S Emrick, G Bonanomi, V Lanzotti
Phytochemical Analysis 30 (5), 535-546, 2019
Fishing for targets of alien metabolites: a novel peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) agonist from a marine pest
RM Vitale, E D'Aniello, S Gorbi, A Martella, C Silvestri, ME Giuliani, ...
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Stereostructural determination by a synthetic and NMR‐based approach of three oxazinins isolated from Adriatic mussels
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Structural data and immunomodulatory properties of a water-soluble heteroglycan extracted from the mycelium of an Italian isolate of Ganoderma lucidum
R Carrieri, R Manco, D Sapio, M Iannaccone, A Fulgione, M Papaianni, ...
Natural product research 31 (18), 2119-2125, 2017
Preliminary observations of caulerpin accumulation from the invasive Caulerpa cylindracea in native Mediterranean fish species
S Felline, E Mollo, A Cutignano, L Grauso, F Andaloro, L Castriota, ...
Aquatic Biology 26, 27-31, 2017
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