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CYP2D6 worldwide genetic variation shows high frequency of altered activity variants and no continental structure
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Survival and divergence in a small group: The extraordinary genomic history of the endangered Apennine brown bear stragglers
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Analysis of nucleotide diversity of NAT2 coding region reveals homogeneity across Native American populations and high intra-population diversity
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BCHE and CYP2D6 genetic variation in Alzheimer’s disease patients treated with cholinesterase inhibitors
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Evolution of detoxifying systems: the role of environment and population history in shaping genetic diversity at human CYP2D6 locus
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Mitochondrial diversity in linguistic isolates of the Alps: a reappraisal
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A new hybrid approach for MHC genotyping: high-throughput NGS and long read MinION nanopore sequencing, with application to the non-model vertebrate Alpine chamois (Rupicapra …
S Fuselli, RP Baptista, A Panziera, A Magi, S Guglielmi, R Tonin, ...
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Relaxed selective constraints drove functional modifications in peripheral photoreception of the cavefish P. andruzzii and provide insight into the time of cave colonization
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Human loci involved in drug biotransformation: worldwide genetic variation, population structure, and pharmacogenetic implications
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The genetic structure and adaptation of Andean highlanders and Amazonians are influenced by the interplay between geography and culture
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Mutations in blind cavefish target the light-regulated circadian clock gene, period 2
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Beyond drugs: the evolution of genes involved in human response to medications
S Fuselli
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Controlling the effects of population stratification by admixture in pharmacogenetics
E Tarazona Santos, S Raimondi, S Fuselli
Landes Bioscience, 2007
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