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Iuliia Khomenko
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Exploring blueberry aroma complexity by chromatographic and direct-injection spectrometric techniques
B Farneti, I Khomenko, M Grisenti, M Ajelli, E Betta, AA Algarra, ...
Frontiers in plant science 8, 617, 2017
In situ riboflavin fortification of different kefir-like cereal-based beverages using selected Andean LAB strains
A Yépez, P Russo, G Spano, I Khomenko, F Biasioli, V Capozzi, R Aznar
Food microbiology 77, 61-68, 2019
Genome-wide association study unravels the genetic control of the apple volatilome and its interplay with fruit texture
B Farneti, M Di Guardo, I Khomenko, L Cappellin, F Biasioli, R Velasco, ...
Journal of experimental botany 68 (7), 1467-1478, 2017
Real-time monitoring of removal of trace compounds with PTR-MS: Biochar experimental investigation
D Papurello, A Boschetti, S Silvestri, I Khomenko, F Biasioli
Renewable Energy 125, 344-355, 2018
Comprehensive VOC profiling of an apple germplasm collection by PTR-ToF-MS
B Farneti, I Khomenko, L Cappellin, V Ting, A Romano, F Biasioli, G Costa, ...
Metabolomics 11, 838-850, 2015
Emission of Volatile Compounds from Apple Plants Infested with Pandemis heparana Larvae, Antennal Response of Conspecific Adults, and Preliminary Field Trial
V Giacomuzzi, L Cappellin, I Khomenko, F Biasioli, S Schütz, M Tasin, ...
Journal of Chemical Ecology 42, 1265-1280, 2016
Untargeted metabolomics investigation of volatile compounds involved in the development of apple superficial scald by PTR-ToF–MS
B Farneti, N Busatto, I Khomenko, L Cappellin, S Gutierrez, F Spinelli, ...
Metabolomics 11, 341-349, 2015
Monitoring of lactic fermentation driven by different starter cultures via direct injection mass spectrometric analysis of flavour-related volatile compounds
E Benozzi, A Romano, V Capozzi, S Makhoul, L Cappellin, I Khomenko, ...
Food Research International 76, 682-688, 2015
PTR-ToF-MS for the online monitoring of alcoholic fermentation in wine: Assessment of VOCs variability associated with different combinations of Saccharomyces/non-Saccharomyces …
C Berbegal, I Khomenko, P Russo, G Spano, M Fragasso, F Biasioli, ...
Fermentation 6 (2), 55, 2020
PTR-ToF-MS coupled with an automated sampling system and tailored data analysis for food studies: bioprocess monitoring, screening and nose-space analysis
V Capozzi, S Yener, I Khomenko, B Farneti, L Cappellin, F Gasperi, ...
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e54075, 2017
Non-invasive real time monitoring of yeast volatilome by PTR-ToF-MS
I Khomenko, I Stefanini, L Cappellin, V Cappelletti, P Franceschi, ...
Metabolomics 13, 1-13, 2017
Dynamic volatile organic compound fingerprinting of apple fruit during processing
B Farneti, I Khomenko, L Cappellin, V Ting, G Costa, F Biasioli, F Costa
LWT-Food Science and Technology 63 (1), 21-28, 2015
Unveiling the molecular basis of mascarpone cheese aroma: VOCs analysis by SPME-GC/MS and PTR-ToF-MS
V Capozzi, V Lonzarich, I Khomenko, L Cappellin, L Navarini, F Biasioli
Molecules 25 (5), 1242, 2020
Analysis of volatile organic compounds in crumb and crust of different baked and toasted gluten‐free breads by direct PTR‐ToF‐MS and fast‐GC‐PTR‐ToF‐MS
J Pico, I Khomenko, V Capozzi, L Navarini, J Bernal, M Gómez, F Biasioli
Journal of Mass Spectrometry 53 (9), 893-902, 2018
Rheological, Textural, Physicochemical and Sensory Profiling of a Novel Functional Ice Cream Enriched with Muscat de Hamburg (Vitis vinifera L.) Grape Pulp and …
M Tsevdou, E Aprea, E Betta, I Khomenko, D Molitor, F Biasioli, C Gaiani, ...
Food and Bioprocess Technology 12, 665-680, 2019
QTL analysis coupled with PTR-ToF-MS and candidate gene-based association mapping validate the role of Md-AAT1 as a major gene in the control of flavor in apple fruit
L Cappellin, B Farneti, M Di Guardo, N Busatto, I Khomenko, A Romano, ...
Plant Molecular Biology Reporter 33, 239-252, 2015
Diel rhythms in the volatile emission of apple and grape foliage
V Giacomuzzi, L Cappellin, S Nones, I Khomenko, F Biasioli, AL Knight, ...
Phytochemistry 138, 104-115, 2017
Rapid non‐invasive quality control of semi‐finished products for the food industry by direct injection mass spectrometry headspace analysis: the case of milk powder, whey …
S Makhoul, S Yener, I Khomenko, V Capozzi, L Cappellin, E Aprea, ...
Journal of mass spectrometry 51 (9), 782-791, 2016
Real-time monitoring of volatile compounds losses in the oven during baking and toasting of gluten-free bread doughs: A PTR-MS evidence
J Pico, I Khomenko, V Capozzi, L Navarini, F Biasioli
Foods 9 (10), 1498, 2020
Rapid and noninvasive quality control of anhydrous milk fat by PTR‐MS: The effect of storage time and packaging
M Pedrotti, I Khomenko, L Cappellin, M Fontana, M Somenzi, L Falchero, ...
Journal of mass spectrometry 53 (9), 753-762, 2018
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