Jason  Roy Price
Jason Roy Price
Beamline Scientist MX - Australian Synchrotron
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MX1: a bending-magnet crystallography beamline serving both chemical and macromolecular crystallography communities at the Australian Synchrotron
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Perturbation of Spin Crossover Behavior by Covalent Post‐Synthetic Modification of a Porous Metal–Organic Framework
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[V16O38(CN)]9–: A Soluble Mixed-Valence Redox-Active Building Block with Strong Antiferromagnetic Coupling
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Sticky complexes: Carboxylic acid-functionalized N-phenylpyridin-2-ylmethanimine ligands as anchoring domains for copper and ruthenium dye-sensitized solar cells
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Copper, nickel, and zinc cyclam–amino acid and cyclam–peptide complexes may be synthesized with “click” chemistry and are noncytotoxic
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Factors Influencing Tetranuclear [2 2] Grid vs Dinuclear Side-by-Side Structures for Silver (I) Complexes of Pyridazine-Based Bis-Bidentate Ligands
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Uranium (VI) complexes with isonicotinic acid: from monomer to 2D polymer with unique U–N bonding
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Selective Gas Adsorption in a Pair of Robust Isostructural MOFs Differing in Framework Charge and Anion Loading
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Copper (i) Templated Synthesis of a 2, 2′-Bipyridine Derived 2-Catenane: Synthetic, Modelling, and X-ray Studies
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When five are six: the myth of five-coordinate copper (II) in supramolecular chemistry
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Dysprosium complexes with mono-/di-carboxylate ligands—From simple dimers to 2D and 3D frameworks
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Multifunctional MOFs through CO 2 fixation: a metamagnetic kagome lattice with uniaxial zero thermal expansion and reversible guest sorption
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Half a grid is better than no grid: competition between 2, 2′: 6′, 2′′-terpyridine and 3, 6-di (pyrid-2-yl) pyridazine for copper (II)
EC Constable, S Decurtins, CE Housecroft, TD Keene, CG Palivan, ...
Dalton transactions 39 (9), 2337-2343, 2010
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