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Marcello Canonaco
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The endocrine disruptor atrazine accounts for a dimorphic somatostatinergic neuronal expression pattern in mice
G Giusi, RM Facciolo, M Canonaco, E Alleva, V Belloni, F Dessi'-Fulgheri, ...
Toxicological Sciences 89 (1), 257-264, 2006
A sexually dimorphic distribution pattern of the novel estrogen receptor G-protein-coupled receptor 30 in some brain areas of the hamster
M Canonaco, G Giusi, A Madeo, RM Facciolo, R Lappano, A Canonaco, ...
Journal of Endocrinology 196 (1), 131, 2008
Amygdalar orexinergic–GABAergic interactions regulate anxiety behaviors of the Syrian golden hamster
E Avolio, R Alò, A Carelli, M Canonaco
Behavioural brain research 218 (2), 288-295, 2011
Influence of micro-patterned PLLA membranes on outgrowth and orientation of hippocampal neurites
S Morelli, S Salerno, A Piscioneri, BJ Papenburg, A Di Vito, G Giusi, ...
Biomaterials 31 (27), 7000-7011, 2010
Early cerebral activities of the environmental estrogen bisphenol A appear to act via the somatostatin receptor subtype sst (2).
RM Facciolo, R Alò, M Madeo, M Canonaco, F Dessì-Fulgheri
Environmental health perspectives 110 (suppl 3), 397-402, 2002
Influence of membrane surface properties on the growth of neuronal cells isolated from hippocampus
L De Bartolo, M Rende, S Morelli, G Giusi, S Salerno, A Piscioneri, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 325 (1), 139-149, 2008
Steroid hormones and receptors of the GABAA supramolecular complex
M Canonaco, R Tavolaro, A Maggi
Neuroendocrinology 57 (5), 974-984, 1993
Some Environmental Contaminants Influence Motor and Feeding Behaviors in the Ornate Wrasse (Thalassoma pavo) via Distinct Cerebral Histamine Receptor …
G Giusi, RM Facciolo, R Alò, A Carelli, M Madeo, P Brandmayr, ...
Environmental health perspectives 113 (11), 1522-1529, 2005
The histaminergic signaling system exerts a neuroprotective role against neurodegenerative-induced processes in the hamster
M Canonaco, M Madeo, R Alo, G Giusi, T Granata, A Carelli, A Canonaco, ...
Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 315 (1), 188-195, 2005
GABA [A] receptor level changes in female hamster forebrain following in vivo estrogen progesterone and benzodiazepine treatment: a quantitative autoradiography analysis
M Canonaco, LH O'Connor, DW Pfaff, BS McEwen
Experimental brain research 75 (3), 644-652, 1989
Light‐and dark‐dependent orexinergic neuronal signals promote neurodegenerative phenomena accounting for distinct behavioral responses in the teleost Thalassoma pavo
RM Facciolo, M Crudo, G Giusi, R Alo, M Canonaco
Journal of neuroscience research 87 (3), 748-757, 2009
Longer term progesterone treatment induces changes of GABAA receptor levels in forebrain sites in the female hamster: quantitative autoradiography study
M Canonaco, LH O'connor, DW Pfaff, BS McEwen
Experimental brain research 77 (2), 407-411, 1989
Antihypertensive and neuroprotective effects of catestatin in spontaneously hypertensive rats: interaction with GABAergic transmission in amygdala and brainstem
E Avolio, SK Mahata, E Mantuano, M Mele, R Alò, RM Facciolo, G Talani, ...
Neuroscience 270, 48-57, 2014
Feeding behaviors and ORXR–β-GABAAR subunit interactions in Carassius auratus
RM Facciolo, M Crudo, M Zizza, G Giusi, M Canonaco
Neurotoxicology and teratology 33 (6), 641-650, 2011
Specific cerebral heat shock proteins and histamine receptor cross-talking mechanisms promote distinct lead-dependent neurotoxic responses in teleosts
G Giusi, R Alò, M Crudo, RM Facciolo, M Canonaco
Toxicology and applied pharmacology 227 (2), 248-256, 2008
α GABAA subunit-orexin receptor interactions activate learning/motivational pathways in the goldfish
RM Facciolo, M Crudo, M Zizza, G Giusi, M Canonaco
Behavioural brain research 234 (2), 349-356, 2012
Different binding activities of A-and B-type natriuretic hormones in the heart of two Antarctic teleosts, the red-blooded Trematomus bernacchii and the hemoglobinless …
MC Cerra, M Canonaco, R Acierno, B Tota
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Physiology 118 (4), 993-999, 1997
Effects of in vivo estradiol and progesterone on tritiated flunitrazepam binding in rat spinal cord
S Schwartz-Giblin, M Canonaco, BS McEwen, DW Pfaff
Neuroscience 25 (1), 249-257, 1988
Distinct α subunits of the GABAA receptor are responsible for early hippocampal silent neuron‐related activities
G Giusi, RM Facciolo, M Rende, R Alò, A Di Vito, S Salerno, S Morelli, ...
Hippocampus 19 (11), 1103-1114, 2009
Characterization of natriuretic peptide binding sites in the heart of the eel, Anguilla anguilla
MC Cerra, M Canonaco, Y Takei, B Tota
Journal of Experimental Zoology 275 (1), 27-35, 1996
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