Bruno El-Bennich
Bruno El-Bennich
Professor of Physics, Cruzeiro do Sul University
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Collective Perspective on Advances in Dyson-Schwinger Equation QCD
A Bashir, C Lei, B El-Bennich, L Yu-Xin, CD Roberts, PC Tandy
Communications in Theoretical Physics 58 (1), 79, 2012
Studies of nucleon resonance structure in exclusive meson electroproduction
IG Aznauryan, A Bashir, VM Braun, SJ Brodsky, VD Burkert, L Chang, ...
International Journal of Modern Physics E 22 (06), 1330015, 2013
Survey of nucleon electromagnetic form factors
IC Cloët, G Eichmann, B El-Bennich, T Klähn, CD Roberts
Few-Body Systems 46 (1), 1-36, 2009
violation and kaon-pion interactions in decays
B El-Bennich, A Furman, R Kamiński, L Leśniak, B Loiseau, ...
Physical Review D 79 (9), 094005, 2009
Completing the picture of the Roper resonance
J Segovia, B El-Bennich, E Rojas, IC Cloët, CD Roberts, SS Xu, HS Zong
Physical review letters 115 (17), 171801, 2015
Interference between f 0 (980) and ρ (770) 0 resonances in B→ π+ π− K decays
B El-Bennich, A Furman, R Kamiński, L Leśniak, B Loiseau
Physical Review D 74 (11), 114009, 2006
Paris N N¯ potential constrained by recent antiprotonic-atom data and n¯ p total cross sections
B El-Bennich, M Lacombe, B Loiseau, S Wycech
Physical Review C 79 (5), 054001, 2009
On the quark-gluon vertex and quark-ghost kernel: combining lattice simulations with Dyson-Schwinger equations
E Rojas, J de Melo, B El-Bennich, O Oliveira, T Frederico
Journal of High Energy Physics 2013 (10), 1-32, 2013
On the structure of the X (1835) baryonium
JP Dedonder, B Loiseau, B El-Bennich, S Wycech
Phys. Rev. C 80 (4), 045207, 2009
Strong D*-> D+ pi and B*-> B+ pi couplings
B El-Bennich, MA Ivanov, CD Roberts
Physical Review C 83, 025205, 2011
Scalar meson f 0 (980) in heavy-meson decays
B El-Bennich, O Leitner, JP Dedonder, B Loiseau
Physical Review D 79 (7), 076004, 2009
Exploring the light-quark interaction
C Lei, IC Cloet, B El-Bennich, T Klahn, CD Roberts
Chinese Physics C 33, 1189, 2009
Exciting flavored bound states
E Rojas, B El-Bennich, J de Melo
Physical Review D 90 (7), 074025, 2014
Flavor S U (4) breaking between effective couplings
B El-Bennich, G Krein, L Chang, CD Roberts, DJ Wilson
Physical Review D 85 (3), 031502, 2012
Scalar resonance effects on the B s-B¯ s mixing angle
O Leitner, JP Dedonder, B Loiseau, B El-Bennich
Physical Review D 82 (7), 076006, 2010
Refining the inner core of the Paris N N¯ potential
B El-Bennich, M Lacombe, B Loiseau, RV Mau
Physical Review C 59 (4), 2313, 1999
Pion and kaon elastic form factors in a refined light-front model
EO da Silva, J de Melo, B El-Bennich, S Victo Filho
Physical Review C 86 (3), 038202, 2012
Modeling electromagnetic form factors of light and heavy pseudoscalar mesons
B El-Bennich, J Melo, B Loiseau, JP Dedonder, T Frederico
Brazilian Journal of Physics 38 (3B), 465-471, 2008
A combined study of the pion’s static properties and form factors
B El-Bennich, J De Melo, T Frederico
Few-Body Systems 54 (11), 1851-1863, 2013
Flavourful hadronic physics
B El-Bennich, MA Ivanov, CD Roberts
Nuclear Physics B-Proceedings Supplements 199 (1), 184-190, 2010
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