Alessandro Sozzetti
Alessandro Sozzetti
INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Torino
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Detection of thermal emission from an extrasolar planet
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The PLATO 2.0 mission
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Transiting exoplanet survey satellite
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Gaia Data Release 2-Summary of the contents and survey properties
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Improving stellar and planetary parameters of transiting planet systems: The case of TrES-2
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Harps-N: the new planet hunter at TNG
R Cosentino, C Lovis, F Pepe, AC Cameron, DW Latham, E Molinari, ...
Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy IV 8446, 84461V, 2012
Improved spectroscopic parameters for transiting planet hosts
G Torres, DA Fischer, A Sozzetti, LA Buchhave, JN Winn, MJ Holman, ...
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HD 147506b: a supermassive planet in an eccentric orbit transiting a bright star
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TrES-2: The first transiting planet in the Kepler field
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An Earth-sized planet with an Earth-like density
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The gaia mission
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The Kepler-10 planetary system revisited by HARPS-N: A hot rocky world and a solid Neptune-mass planet
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The mass of Kepler-93b and the composition of terrestrial planets
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State of the field: extreme precision radial velocities
DA Fischer, G Anglada-Escude, P Arriagada, RV Baluev, JL Bean, ...
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Tres-4: A transiting hot Jupiter of very low density
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TrES-3: A nearby, massive, transiting hot Jupiter in a 31 hour orbit
FT O’donovan, D Charbonneau, G Bakos, G Mandushev, EW Dunham, ...
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HAT-P-3b: a heavy-element-rich planet transiting a K dwarf star
G Torres, G Bakos, G Kovcs, DW Latham, JM Fernndez, RW Noyes, ...
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 666 (2), L121, 2007
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