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Regulation of tumor pH and the role of carbonic anhydrase 9
P Swietach, RD Vaughan-Jones, AL Harris
Cancer and Metastasis Reviews 26 (2), 299-310, 2007
The chemistry, physiology and pathology of pH in cancer
P Swietach, RD Vaughan-Jones, AL Harris, A Hulikova
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The role of carbonic anhydrase 9 in regulating extracellular and intracellular ph in three-dimensional tumor cell growths
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Intracellular pH regulation in heart
RD Vaughan-Jones, KW Spitzer, P Swietach
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Carbonic anhydrase IX promotes tumor growth and necrosis in vivo and inhibition enhances anti-VEGF therapy
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New insights into the physiological role of carbonic anhydrase IX in tumour pH regulation
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P Swietach, S Wigfield, P Cobden, CT Supuran, AL Harris, ...
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Measuring intracellular pH in the heart using hyperpolarized carbon dioxide and bicarbonate: a 13C and 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy study
MA Schroeder, P Swietach, HJ Atherton, FA Gallagher, P Lee, GK Radda, ...
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Dual role of CO2/HCO3− buffer in the regulation of intracellular pH of three-dimensional tumor growths
A Hulikova, RD Vaughan-Jones, P Swietach
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A Hulikova, AL Harris, RD Vaughan‐Jones, P Swietach
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Importance of intracellular pH in determining the uptake and efficacy of the weakly basic chemotherapeutic drug, doxorubicin
P Swietach, A Hulikova, S Patiar, RD Vaughan-Jones, AL Harris
PloS one 7 (4), e35949, 2012
S0859, an N‐cyanosulphonamide inhibitor of sodium‐bicarbonate cotransport in the heart
FFT Ch'En, FC Villafuerte, P Swietach, PM Cobden, RD Vaughan‐Jones
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Functional diversity of electrogenic Na+–HCO3 cotransport in ventricular myocytes from rat, rabbit and guinea pig
T Yamamoto, P Swietach, A Rossini, SH Loh, RD Vaughan‐Jones, ...
The Journal of physiology 562 (2), 455-475, 2005
Seabird mortality from longline fishing in the Mediterranean Sea and Macaronesian waters: a review and a way forward
J Cooper, N Baccetti, EJ Belda, JJ Borg, D Oro, C Papaconstantinou, ...
Scientia Marina 67 (S2), 57-64, 2003
Coupled Ca2+/H+ transport by cytoplasmic buffers regulates local Ca2+ and H+ ion signaling
P Swietach, JB Youm, N Saegusa, CH Leem, KW Spitzer, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (22), E2064-E2073, 2013
Hydrogen ion dynamics in human red blood cells
P Swietach, T Tiffert, JMA Mauritz, R Seear, A Esposito, CF Kaminski, ...
The Journal of physiology 588 (24), 4995-5014, 2010
Extracellular acidification elicits spatially and temporally distinct Ca2+ signals
WC Huang, P Swietach, RD Vaughan-Jones, O Ansorge, MD Glitsch
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A mathematical model of the murine ventricular myocyte: a data-driven biophysically based approach applied to mice overexpressing the canine NCX isoform
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American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology 299 (4…, 2010
Intracellular proton mobility and buffering power in cardiac ventricular myocytes from rat, rabbit, and guinea pig
M Zaniboni, P Swietach, A Rossini, T Yamamoto, KW Spitzer, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology 285 (3…, 2003
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