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miR-203 represses ‘stemness’ by repressing ΔNp63
AM Lena, R Shalom-Feuerstein, PR di Val Cervo, D Aberdam, RA Knight, ...
Cell Death & Differentiation 15 (7), 1187-1195, 2008
Integrin β4 mutations associated with junctional epidermolysis bullosa with pyloric atresia
F Vidal, D Aberdam, C Miquel, AM Christiano, L Pulkkinen, J Uitto, ...
Nature genetics 10 (2), 229-234, 1995
Herlitz's junctional epidermolysis bullosa is linked to mutations in the gene (LAMC2) for the γ2 subunit of nicein/kalinin (LAMININ–5)
D Aberdam, MF Galliano, J Vailly, L Pulkkinen, J Bonifas, AM Christiano, ...
Nature genetics 6 (3), 299-304, 1994
Cicatricial pemphigoid autoantibodies react with multiple sites on the BP180 extracellular domain
SD Balding, C Prost, LA Diaz, P Bernard, C Bedane, D Aberdam, ...
Journal of investigative dermatology 106 (1), 141-146, 1996
A homozygous nonsense mutation in the α3 chain gene of laminin 5 (LAMA3) in lethal (Herlitz) junctional epidermolysis bullosa
S Kivirikko, JA McGrath, C Baudoin, D Aberdam, S Ciatti, MGS Dunnill, ...
Human molecular genetics 4 (5), 959-962, 1995
Abnormal neuronal differentiation and mitochondrial dysfunction in hair follicle-derived induced pluripotent stem cells of schizophrenia patients
O Robicsek, R Karry, I Petit, N Salman-Kesner, FJ Müller, E Klein, ...
Molecular psychiatry 18 (10), 1067-1076, 2013
microRNA-34a regulates neurite outgrowth, spinal morphology, and function
M Agostini, P Tucci, JR Steinert, R Shalom-Feuerstein, M Rouleau, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (52), 21099-21104, 2011
Reconstituted skin from murine embryonic stem cells
C Coraux, C Hilmi, M Rouleau, A Spadafora, J Hinnrasky, JP Ortonne, ...
Current Biology 13 (10), 849-853, 2003
NF‐κB/Egr‐1/Gadd45 are sequentially activated upon UVB irradiation to mediate epidermal cell death
R Thyss, V Virolle, V Imbert, JF Peyron, D Aberdam, T Virolle
The EMBO journal 24 (1), 128-137, 2005
Differential expression of laminin‐5 subunits and integrin receptors in human colorectal neoplasia
I Sordat, FT Bosman, G Dorta, P Rousselle, D Aberdam, AL Blum, ...
The Journal of Pathology: A Journal of the Pathological Society of Great …, 1998
RNF20 and USP44 regulate stem cell differentiation by modulating H2B monoubiquitylation
G Fuchs, E Shema, R Vesterman, E Kotler, Z Wolchinsky, S Wilder, ...
Molecular cell 46 (5), 662-673, 2012
miR-7 and miR-214 are specifically expressed during neuroblastoma differentiation, cortical development and embryonic stem cells differentiation, and control neurite outgrowth …
H Chen, R Shalom-Feuerstein, J Riley, SD Zhang, P Tucci, M Agostini, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 394 (4), 921-927, 2010
Transposable B2 SINE elements can provide mobile RNA polymerase II promoters
O Ferrigno, T Virolle, Z Djabari, JP Ortonne, RJ White, D Aberdam
Nature genetics 28 (1), 77-81, 2001
Cloning and complete primary structure of the mouse laminin α3 chain: Distinct expression pattern of the laminin α3A and α3B chain isoforms
MF Galliano, D Aberdam, A Aguzzi, JP Ortonne, G Meneguzzi
Journal of Biological Chemistry 270 (37), 21820-21826, 1995
ΔNp63 is an ectodermal gatekeeper of epidermal morphogenesis
R Shalom-Feuerstein, AM Lena, H Zhou, SDLF Divonne, ...
Cell Death & Differentiation 18 (5), 887-896, 2011
Pluripotent stem cell model reveals essential roles for miR‐450b‐5p and miR‐184 in embryonic corneal lineage specification
R Shalom‐Feuerstein, L Serror, S De La Forest Divonne, I Petit, ...
Stem cells 30 (5), 898-909, 2012
BMP-4 induces a Smad-dependent apoptotic cell death of mouse embryonic stem cell-derived neural precursors
K Gambaro, E Aberdam, T Virolle, D Aberdam, M Rouleau
Cell Death & Differentiation 13 (7), 1075-1087, 2006
Cell–matrix interactions during development and apoptosis of the mouse mammary gland in vivo
JM Prince, TCM Klinowska, E Marshman, ET Lowe, U Mayer, J Miner, ...
Developmental dynamics: an official publication of the American Association …, 2002
miR-24 triggers epidermal differentiation by controlling actin adhesion and cell migration
I Amelio, AM Lena, G Viticchiè, R Shalom-Feuerstein, A Terrinoni, ...
Journal of Cell Biology 199 (2), 347-363, 2012
ΔNp63 is essential for epidermal commitment of embryonic stem cells
A Medawar, T Virolle, P Rostagno, S de la Forest-Divonne, K Gambaro, ...
PloS one 3 (10), e3441, 2008
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