Shi Hyeong Kim
Shi Hyeong Kim
Kitech (한국생산기술연구원)
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Artificial muscles from fishing line and sewing thread
CS Haines, MD Lima, N Li, GM Spinks, J Foroughi, JDW Madden, SH Kim, ...
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Ultrafast charge and discharge biscrolled yarn supercapacitors for textiles and microdevices
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Synergistic toughening of composite fibres by self-alignment of reduced graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes
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Stretchable, weavable coiled carbon nanotube/MnO 2/polymer fiber solid-state supercapacitors
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Harvesting electrical energy from carbon nanotube yarn twist
SH Kim, CS Haines, N Li, KJ Kim, TJ Mun, C Choi, J Di, YJ Oh, JP Oviedo, ...
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Twistable and stretchable sandwich structured fiber for wearable sensors and supercapacitors
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High-power biofuel cell textiles from woven biscrolled carbon nanotube yarns
CH Kwon, SH Lee, YB Choi, JA Lee, SH Kim, HH Kim, GM Spinks, ...
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Hybrid carbon nanotube yarn artificial muscle inspired by spider dragline silk
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Hybrid nanomembranes for high power and high energy density supercapacitors and their yarn application
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Sheath run artificial muscles
science 365, 150-155, 2019
Stretchable triboelectric fiber for self-powered kinematic sensing textile
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Harvesting temperature fluctuations as electrical energy using torsional and tensile polymer muscles
SH Kim, MD Lima, ME Kozlov, CS Haines, GM Spinks, S Aziz, C Choi, ...
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Bio-inspired, moisture-powered hybrid carbon nanotube yarn muscles
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Intelligently Actuating Liquid Crystal Elastomer‐Carbon Nanotube Composites
H Kim, JA Lee, CP Ambulo, HB Lee, SH Kim, VV Naik, CS Haines, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (48), 1905063, 2019
Single-Layer Graphene-Based Transparent and Flexible Multifunctional Electronics for Self-Charging Power and Touch-Sensing Systems
CC Sungwoo Chun, Wonkyeong Son, Gwangyeob Lee, Shi Hyeong Kim, Jong Woo Park ...
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11, 9301-9308, 2019
Free-standing nanocomposites with high conductivity and extensibility
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Weavable asymmetric carbon nanotube yarn supercapacitor for electronic textiles
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Harvesting electrical energy from torsional thermal actuation driven by natural convection
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Evaluation of solid polymer electrolytes for use in conducting polymer/nanotube actuators
TW Lewis, BC Kim, GM Spinks, GG Wallace
Smart Structures and Materials 2000: Electroactive Polymer Actuators andá…, 2000
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