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Physiological effects of the synthetic strigolactone analog GR24 on root system architecture in Arabidopsis: another belowground role for strigolactones?
C Ruyter-Spira, W Kohlen, T Charnikhova, A van Zeijl, L van Bezouwen, ...
Plant physiology 155 (2), 721-734, 2011
A petunia ABC protein controls strigolactone-dependent symbiotic signalling and branching
T Kretzschmar, W Kohlen, J Sasse, L Borghi, M Schlegel, JB Bachelier, ...
Nature 483 (7389), 341-344, 2012
Strigolactones are transported through the xylem and play a key role in shoot architectural response to phosphate deficiency in nonarbuscular mycorrhizal host Arabidopsis
W Kohlen, T Charnikhova, Q Liu, R Bours, MA Domagalska, S Beguerie, ...
Plant Physiology 155 (2), 974-987, 2011
Tomato strigolactones are derived from carotenoids and their biosynthesis is promoted by phosphate starvation
JA López‐Ráez, T Charnikhova, V Gómez‐Roldán, R Matusova, ...
New Phytologist 178 (4), 863-874, 2008
Strigolactone biosynthesis in Medicago truncatula and rice requires the symbiotic GRAS-type transcription factors NSP1 and NSP2
W Liu, W Kohlen, A Lillo, RO den Camp, S Ivanov, M Hartog, E Limpens, ...
The Plant Cell 23 (10), 3853-3865, 2011
SlCCD7 controls strigolactone biosynthesis, shoot branching and mycorrhiza‐induced apocarotenoid formation in tomato
JT Vogel, MH Walter, P Giavalisco, A Lytovchenko, W Kohlen, ...
The Plant Journal 61 (2), 300-311, 2010
The tomato CAROTENOID CLEAVAGE DIOXYGENASE8 (SlCCD8) regulates rhizosphere signaling, plant architecture and affects reproductive development …
W Kohlen, T Charnikhova, M Lammers, T Pollina, P Tóth, I Haider, ...
New Phytologist 196 (2), 535-547, 2012
Does abscisic acid affect strigolactone biosynthesis?
JA López‐Ráez, W Kohlen, T Charnikhova, P Mulder, AK Undas, ...
New Phytologist 187 (2), 343-354, 2010
Phylogenomics reveals multiple losses of nitrogen-fixing root nodule symbiosis
M Griesmann, Y Chang, X Liu, Y Song, G Haberer, MB Crook, ...
Science 361 (6398), 2018
Auxin depletion from the leaf axil conditions competence for axillary meristem formation in Arabidopsis and tomato
Q Wang, W Kohlen, S Rossmann, T Vernoux, K Theres
The Plant Cell 26 (5), 2068-2079, 2014
Strigolactones: ecological significance and use as a target for parasitic plant control
JA López‐Ráez, R Matusova, C Cardoso, M Jamil, T Charnikhova, ...
Pest Management Science: formerly Pesticide Science 65 (5), 471-477, 2009
Function of the HD-Zip I gene Oshox22 in ABA-mediated drought and salt tolerances in rice
S Zhang, I Haider, W Kohlen, L Jiang, H Bouwmeester, AH Meijer, ...
Plant molecular biology 80 (6), 571-585, 2012
Comparative genomics of the nonlegume Parasponia reveals insights into evolution of nitrogen-fixing rhizobium symbioses
R van Velzen, R Holmer, F Bu, L Rutten, A van Zeijl, W Liu, L Santuari, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (20), E4700-E4709, 2018
The effects of auxin and strigolactones on tuber initiation and stolon architecture in potato
E Roumeliotis, B Kloosterman, M Oortwijn, W Kohlen, HJ Bouwmeester, ...
Journal of experimental botany 63 (12), 4539-4547, 2012
Rhizobium lipo-chitooligosaccharide signaling triggers accumulation of cytokinins in Medicago truncatula roots
A van Zeijl, RHMO den Camp, EE Deinum, T Charnikhova, H Franssen, ...
Molecular plant 8 (8), 1213-1226, 2015
ABA-deficiency results in reduced plant and fruit size in tomato
L Nitsch, W Kohlen, C Oplaat, T Charnikhova, S Cristescu, P Michieli, ...
Journal of plant physiology 169 (9), 878-883, 2012
The role of the potato (Solanum tuberosum) CCD8 gene in stolon and tuber development
SA Pasare, LJM Ducreux, WL Morris, R Campbell, SK Sharma, ...
New Phytologist 198 (4), 1108-1120, 2013
The strigolactone biosynthesis gene DWARF27 is co-opted in rhizobium symbiosis
A van Zeijl, W Liu, TT Xiao, W Kohlen, WC Yang, T Bisseling, R Geurts
BMC Plant Biology 15 (1), 1-15, 2015
Susceptibility of the Tomato Mutant High Pigment-2dg (hp-2dg) to Orobanche spp. Infection
JA Lopez-Raez, T Charnikhova, P Mulder, W Kohlen, R Bino, I Levin, ...
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 56 (15), 6326-6332, 2008
Auxin transport, metabolism, and signalling during nodule initiation: indeterminate and determinate nodules
W Kohlen, JLP Ng, EE Deinum, U Mathesius
Journal of Experimental Botany 69 (2), 229-244, 2018
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