Michele Mari
Michele Mari
Assistant Professor (RTD-A), Department of Biomolecular Sciences, University of Urbino
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Synthesis of (−)-Epi-Indolactam V by an Intramolecular Buchwald–Hartwig C–N Coupling Cyclization Reaction
M Mari, F Bartoccini, G Piersanti
The Journal of organic chemistry 78 (15), 7727-7734, 2013
Iridium-catalyzed direct synthesis of tryptamine derivatives from indoles: exploiting N-protected β-amino alcohols as alkylating agents
S Bartolucci, M Mari, A Bedini, G Piersanti, G Spadoni
The Journal of organic chemistry 80 (6), 3217-3222, 2015
Highly Potent and Selective MT2 Melatonin Receptor Full Agonists from Conformational Analysis of 1-Benzyl-2-acylaminomethyl-tetrahydroquinolines
G Spadoni, A Bedini, S Lucarini, M Mari, DH Caignard, JA Boutin, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 58 (18), 7512-7525, 2015
Synthesis of (▒)-cis-Clavicipitic Acid by a Rh (I)-Catalyzed Intramolecular Imine Reaction
F Bartoccini, M Casoli, M Mari, G Piersanti
The Journal of organic chemistry 79 (7), 3255-3259, 2014
Iron-Catalyzed Direct C3-Benzylation of Indoles with Benzyl Alcohols through Borrowing Hydrogen
G Di Gregorio, M Mari, F Bartoccini, G Piersanti
The Journal of organic chemistry 82 (16), 8769-8775, 2017
Antiproliferative activity of vitexin-2-O-xyloside and avenanthramides on CaCo-2 and HepG2 cancer cells occurs through apoptosis induction and reduction of proá…
ES Scarpa, E Antonini, F Palma, M Mari, P Ninfali
European journal of nutrition 57 (4), 1381-1395, 2018
Organocatalyzed coupling of indoles with dehydroalanine esters: synthesis of bis (indolyl) propanoates and indolacrylates
S Lucarini, M Mari, G Piersanti, G Spadoni
RSC Advances 3 (41), 19135-19143, 2013
Synthesis of 2-substituted tryptophans via a C3-to C2-alkyl migration
M Mari, S Lucarini, F Bartoccini, G Piersanti, G Spadoni
Beilstein journal of organic chemistry 10 (1), 1991-1998, 2014
A simple, modular synthesis of C4-substituted tryptophan derivatives
F Bartoccini, S Bartolucci, M Mari, G Piersanti
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 14 (42), 10095-10100, 2016
Observations concerning the synthesis of tryptamine homologues and branched tryptamine derivatives via the borrowing hydrogen process: synthesis of psilocin, bufotenin, andá…
S Bartolucci, M Mari, G Di Gregorio, G Piersanti
Tetrahedron 72 (18), 2233-2238, 2016
Br°nsted Acid Catalyzed Bisindolization of α‐Amido Acetals: Synthesis and Anticancer Activity of Bis (indolyl) ethanamino Derivatives
M Mari, A Tassoni, S Lucarini, M Fanelli, G Piersanti, G Spadoni
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2014 (18), 3822-3830, 2014
Identification of bivalent ligands with melatonin receptor agonist and fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) inhibitory activity that exhibit ocular hypotensive effect in the rabbit
G Spadoni, A Bedini, L Furiassi, M Mari, M Mor, L Scalvini, A Lodola, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 61 (17), 7902-7916, 2018
Design, Synthesis, and Biological Activity of Hydrogen Peroxide Responsive Arylboronate Melatonin Hybrids
A Bedini, A Fraternale, R Crinelli, M Mari, S Bartolucci, L Chiarantini, ...
Chemical research in toxicology 32 (1), 100-112, 2018
Divergent reactions of oxindoles with amino alcohols via the borrowing hydrogen process: oxindole ring opening vs. C3 alkylation
G Di Gregorio, M Mari, S Bartolucci, F Bartoccini, G Piersanti
Organic Chemistry Frontiers 5 (10), 1622-1627, 2018
Marine bisindole alkaloid: A potential apoptotic inducer in human cancer cells
S Salucci, S Burattini, F Buontempo, E Orsini, L Furiassi, M Mari, ...
European journal of histochemistry: EJH 62 (2), 2018
Tetrahydroquinoline ring as a versatile bioisostere of tetralin for melatonin receptor ligands
S Rivara, L Scalvini, A Lodola, M Mor, DH Caignard, P Delagrange, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 61 (8), 3726-3737, 2018
Natural and synthetic avenanthramides activate caspases 2, 8, 3 and downregulate hTERT, MDR1 and COX-2 genes in CaCo-2 and Hep3B cancer cells
ES Scarpa, M Mari, E Antonini, F Palma, P Ninfali
Food & function 9 (5), 2913-2921, 2018
In vitro bioaccessibility of avenanthramides in cookies made with malted oat flours
P Ninfali, M Mari, MA Meli, C Roselli, E Antonini
International Journal of Food Science & Technology 54 (5), 1558-1565, 2019
Polycyclic Indolines by an Acid‐Mediated Intramolecular Dearomative Strategy: Reversing Indole Reactivity in the Pictet‐Spengler‐Type Reaction
C Ciccolini, M Mari, S Lucarini, F Mantellini, G Piersanti, G Favi
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 360 (21), 4060-4067, 2018
Organocatalytic Aza-Friedel–Crafts/Lactonization Domino Reaction of Naphthols and Phenols with 2-Acetamidoacrylate to Naphtho-and Benzofuranones Bearing a Quaternary Center atá…
F Bartoccini, M Mari, M Retini, S Bartolucci, G Piersanti
The Journal of organic chemistry 83 (19), 12275-12283, 2018
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