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What is the origin of the prepeak in the X-ray scattering of imidazolium-based room-temperature ionic liquids?
HVR Annapureddy, HK Kashyap, PM De Biase, CJ Margulis
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (50), 16838-16846, 2010
Modeling heme proteins using atomistic simulations
DE Bikiel, L Boechi, L Capece, A Crespo, PM De Biase, S Di Lella, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 8 (48), 5611-5628, 2006
Molecular basis of coupled protein and electron transfer dynamics of cytochrome c in biomimetic complexes
D Alvarez-Paggi, DF Martín, PM De Biase, P Hildebrandt, MA Martí, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (16), 5769-5778, 2010
Molecular Basis for the Electric Field Modulation of Cytochrome c Structure and Function
PM De Biase, DA Paggi, F Doctorovich, P Hildebrandt, DA Estrin, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (44), 16248-16256, 2009
Exploring the molecular basis of human manganese superoxide dismutase inactivation mediated by tyrosine 34 nitration
DM Moreno, MA Mart, PM De Biase, DA Estrin, V Demicheli, R Radi, ...
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics 507 (2), 304-309, 2011
A peptide-free, liposome-based oligosaccharide vaccine, adjuvanted with a natural killer T cell antigen, generates robust antibody responses in vivo
S Deng, L Bai, R Reboulet, R Matthew, DA Engler, L Teyton, A Bendelac, ...
Chemical science 5 (4), 1437-1441, 2014
Dry excess electrons in room-temperature ionic liquids
CJ Margulis, HVR Annapureddy, PM De Biase, D Coker, J Kohanoff, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (50), 20186-20193, 2011
BROMOC-D: Brownian Dynamics/Monte-Carlo Program Suite to Study Ion and DNA Permeation in Nanopores
PM De Biase, CJF Solano, S Markosyan, L Czapla, SY Noskov
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 8 (7), 2540-2551, 2012
HNO trapping and assisted decomposition of nitroxyl donors by ferric hemes
SA Surez, MA Mart, PM De Biase, DA Estrin, SE Bari, F Doctorovich
Polyhedron 26 (16), 4673-4679, 2007
Mechanisms of NO Release by N1-Nitrosomelatonin:  Nucleophilic Attack versus Reducing Pathways
PM De Biase, AG Turjanski, DA Estrin, F Doctorovich
The Journal of organic chemistry 70 (15), 5790-5798, 2005
Electric field effects on the reactivity of heme model systems
PM De Biase, F Doctorovich, DH Murgida, DA Estrin
Chemical physics letters 434 (1-3), 121-126, 2007
Kinetic model for NS1643 drug activation of WT and L529I variants of Kv11. 1 (hERG1) potassium channel
LL Perissinotti, J Guo, PM De Biase, CE Clancy, HJ Duff, SY Noskov
Biophysical journal 108 (6), 1414-1424, 2015
Microsecond simulations of DNA and ion transport in nanopores with novel ion–ion and ion–nucleotides effective potentials
PM De Biase, S Markosyan, S Noskov
Journal of Computational Chemistry 35 (9), 711-721, 2014
Effect of confinement on DNA, solvent and counterion dynamics in a model biological nanopore
S Markosyan, PM De Biase, L Czapla, O Samoylova, G Singh, J Cuervo, ...
Nanoscale 2014 (6), 9006-9016, 2014
BROMOCEA code: an improved grand canonical Monte Carlo/Brownian dynamics algorithm including explicit atoms
CJF Solano, KR Pothula, JD Prajapati, PM De Biase, SY Noskov, ...
Journal of chemical theory and computation 12 (5), 2401-2417, 2016
Determinants of isoform-specific gating kinetics of hERG1 channel: combined experimental and simulation study
LL Perissinotti, PM De Biase, J Guo, PC Yang, MC Lee, CE Clancy, ...
Frontiers in physiology 9, 207, 2018
What controls open-pore and residual currents in the first sensing zone of alpha-hemolysin nanopore? Combined experimental and theoretical study
PM De Biase, EN Ervin, P Pal, O Samoylova, S Markosyan, MG Keehan, ...
Nanoscale 8 (22), 11571-11579, 2016
BROMOC suite: Monte Carlo/Brownian dynamics suite for studies of ion permeation and DNA transport in biological and artificial pores with effective potentials
PM De Biase, S Markosyan, S Noskov
Journal of computational chemistry 36 (4), 264-271, 2015
Novel equations to predict vibrational spectroscopic and electrodynamics properties of molecules
PM De Biase
Journal of Physics Communications 2 (4), 045031, 2018
Dependence of Ions Transport by DNA Blockage in Alpha-Hemolysin and MspA Toxins Studied by Means of Gran-Canonical Monte-Carlo/Brownian Dynamics with Effective Potentials
PM De Biase, S Noskov
Biophysical Journal 104 (2), 509a, 2013
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