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S. Shahab Naghavi
Computational and Physical Chemistry at SBU
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Electronic and magnetic phase diagram of β-Fe 1.01 Se with superconductivity at 36.7 K under pressure
S Medvedev, TM McQueen, IA Troyan, T Palasyuk, MI Eremets, RJ Cava, ...
Nature materials 8 (8), 630-633, 2009
Quaternary half-metallic Heusler ferromagnets for spintronics applications
V Alijani, J Winterlik, GH Fecher, SS Naghavi, C Felser
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Electronic, structural, and magnetic properties of the half-metallic ferromagnetic quaternary Heusler compounds CoFeMn Z (Z= Al, Ga, Si, Ge)
V Alijani, S Ouardi, GH Fecher, J Winterlik, SS Naghavi, X Kozina, ...
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D Kieven, R Klenk, S Naghavi, C Felser, T Gruhn
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Ultralow Thermal Conductivity in Full-Heusler Semiconductors
J He, M Amsler, Y Xia, SS Naghavi, VI Hegde, S Hao, S Goedecker, ...
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 046602, 2016
Electronic structure and optical, mechanical, and transport properties of the pure, electron-doped, and hole-doped Heusler compound CoTiSb
S Ouardi, GH Fecher, C Felser, M Schwall, SS Naghavi, A Gloskovskii, ...
Physical Review B 86 (4), 045116, 2012
Pd2Se3 Monolayer: A Promising Two-Dimensional Thermoelectric Material with Ultralow Lattice Thermal Conductivity and High Power Factor
SS Naghavi, J He, Y Xia, C Wolverton
Chemistry of Materials 30 (16), 5639-5647, 2018
Predicting the morphologies of γ precipitates in cobalt-based superalloys
AM Jokisaari, SS Naghavi, C Wolverton, PW Voorhees, OG Heinonen
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Diffusion coefficients of transition metals in fcc cobalt
SS Naghavi, VI Hegde, C Wolverton
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Thermoelectric properties of CoTiSb based compounds
J Barth, B Balke, GH Fecher, H Stryhanyuk, A Gloskovskii, S Naghavi, ...
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Giant onsite electronic entropy enhances the performance of ceria for water splitting
SS Naghavi, AA Emery, HA Hansen, F Zhou, V Ozolins, C Wolverton
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-6, 2017
Bi2PdO4: A Promising Thermoelectric Oxide with High Power Factor and Low Lattice Thermal Conductivity
J He, S Hao, Y Xia, SS Naghavi, V Ozoliņš, C Wolverton
Chemistry of Materials 29 (6), 2529-2534, 2017
Quaternary Heusler compounds Co2− xRhxMnZ (Z= Ga, Sn, Sb): crystal structure, electronic structure, and magnetic properties
V Alijani, J Winterlik, GH Fecher, SS Naghavi, S Chadov, T Gruhn, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 24 (4), 046001, 2012
Formation of an intermolecular charge-transfer compound in UHV codeposited tetramethoxypyrene and tetracyanoquinodimethane
K Medjanik, S Perkert, S Naghavi, M Rudloff, V Solovyeva, D Chercka, ...
Physical Review B 82 (24), 245419, 2010
Designing chemical analogs to PbTe with intrinsic high band degeneracy and low lattice thermal conductivity
J He, Y Xia, SS Naghavi, V Ozoliņš, C Wolverton
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Designing and discovering a new family of semiconducting quaternary heusler compounds based on the 18-electron rule
J He, SS Naghavi, VI Hegde, M Amsler, C Wolverton
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Electron-doped organics: Charge-disproportionate insulators and Hubbard-Fröhlich metals
SS Naghavi, M Fabrizio, T Qin, E Tosatti
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Theoretical study of new acceptor and donor molecules based on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
SS Naghavi, T Gruhn, V Alijani, GH Fecher, C Felser, K Medjanik, ...
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Electronic structure of large disc-type donors and acceptors
K Medjanik, D Kutnyakhov, SA Nepijko, G Schönhense, S Naghavi, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (26), 7184-7193, 2010
Crystal structure search and electronic properties of alkali-doped phenanthrene and picene
SS Naghavi, E Tosatti
Physical Review B 90 (7), 075143, 2014
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