Marco Blangetti
Marco Blangetti
Reasearcher, Department of Chemistry, University of Turin (ITALY)
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Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling in acylation reactions, scope and recent developments
M Blangetti, H Rosso, C Prandi, A Deagostino, P Venturello
Molecules 18 (1), 1188-1213, 2013
Directed ortho-metalation–nucleophilic acyl substitution strategies in deep eutectic solvents: The organolithium base dictates the chemoselectivity
S Ghinato, G Dilauro, FM Perna, V Capriati, M Blangetti, C Prandi
Chemical Communications 55 (54), 7741-7744, 2019
Natural deep eutectic solvents as an efficient and reusable active system for the Nazarov cyclization
S Nejrotti, M Iannicelli, SS Jamil, D Arnodo, M Blangetti, C Prandi
Green Chemistry 22 (1), 110-117, 2020
Homo-and hetero-oxidative coupling of benzyl anions
M Blangetti, P Fleming, DF O’Shea
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 77 (6), 2870-2877, 2012
Structure-activity relationship of cannabis derived compounds for the treatment of neuronal activity-related diseases
C Prandi, M Blangetti, D Namdar, H Koltai
Molecules 23 (7), 1526, 2018
Light-regulated NO release as a novel strategy to overcome doxorubicin multidrug resistance
K Chegaev, A Fraix, E Gazzano, GEF Abd-Ellatef, M Blangetti, B Rolando, ...
ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters 8 (3), 361-365, 2017
Stereoselective Peterson Olefinations from Bench‐Stable Reagents and N‐Phenyl Imines
M Das, A Manvar, M Jacolot, M Blangetti, RC Jones, DF O'Shea
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (24), 8737-8740, 2015
Glutathione/pH-responsive nanosponges enhance strigolactone delivery to prostate cancer cells
M Argenziano, C Lombardi, B Ferrara, F Trotta, F Caldera, M Blangetti, ...
Oncotarget 9 (88), 35813, 2018
Promising technological and industrial applications of deep eutectic systems
A Mannu, M Blangetti, S Baldino, C Prandi
Materials 14 (10), 2494, 2021
Strigolactone analogs as molecular probes in chasing the (SLs) receptor/s: design and synthesis of fluorescent labeled molecules
C Prandi, H Rosso, B Lace, EG Occhiato, A Oppedisano, S Tabasso, ...
Molecular plant 6 (1), 113-127, 2013
A Nonmetal‐Containing Nitric Oxide Donor Activated with Single‐Photon Green Light
M Blangetti, A Fraix, L Lazzarato, E Marini, B Rolando, F Sodano, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (38), 9026-9029, 2017
Furazan and furoxan sulfonamides are strong α-carbonic anhydrase inhibitors and potential antiglaucoma agents
K Chegaev, L Lazzarato, Y Tamboli, D Boschi, M Blangetti, A Scozzafava, ...
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 22 (15), 3913-3921, 2014
Lateral lithiation in deep eutectic solvents: Regioselective functionalization of substituted toluene derivatives
D Arnodo, S Ghinato, S Nejrotti, M Blangetti, C Prandi
Chemical Communications 56 (16), 2391-2394, 2020
Light‐Tunable Generation of Singlet Oxygen and Nitric Oxide with a Bichromophoric Molecular Hybrid: a Bimodal Approach to Killing Cancer Cells
A Fraix, M Blangetti, S Guglielmo, L Lazzarato, N Marino, V Cardile, ...
ChemMedChem 11 (12), 1371-1379, 2016
Carborane‐BODIPY Dyads: New Photoluminescent Materials through an Efficient Heck Coupling
C Bellomo, M Chaari, J Cabrera‐Gonzlez, M Blangetti, C Lombardi, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 24 (58), 15622-15630, 2018
Tailoring fluorescent strigolactones for in vivo investigations: a computational and experimental study
C Prandi, G Ghigo, EG Occhiato, D Scarpi, S Begliomini, B Lace, ...
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 12 (18), 2960-2968, 2014
A fast and general route to ketones from amides and organolithium compounds under aerobic conditions: synthetic and mechanistic aspects
S Ghinato, D Territo, A Maranzana, V Capriati, M Blangetti, C Prandi
Chemistry–A European Journal 27 (8), 2868-2874, 2021
Overcoming multidrug resistance by targeting mitochondria with NO-donating doxorubicins
E Gazzano, K Chegaev, B Rolando, M Blangetti, L Annaratone, D Ghigo, ...
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 24 (5), 967-975, 2016
Deep eutectic solvents as H2-sources for Ru (II)-catalyzed transfer hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds under mild conditions
M Cavallo, D Arnodo, A Mannu, M Blangetti, C Prandi, W Baratta, ...
Tetrahedron 83, 131997, 2021
LIC-KOR-promoted synthesis of alkoxydienyl amines: an entry to 2, 3, 4, 5-tetrasubstituted pyrroles
M Blangetti, A Deagostino, C Prandi, S Tabasso, P Venturello
Organic Letters 11 (17), 3914-3917, 2009
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