Roberta Bulla
Roberta Bulla
Department of Life Sciences University of Trieste
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Thrombus formation induced by antibodies to β2-glycoprotein I is complement dependent and requires a priming factor
F Fischetti, P Durigutto, V Pellis, A Debeus, P Macor, R Bulla, F Bossi, ...
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C1q acts in the tumour microenvironment as a cancer-promoting factor independently of complement activation
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Nature communications 7 (1), 1-11, 2016
Protection against inflammation-and autoantibody-caused fetal loss by the chemokine decoy receptor D6
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Mutant p53 reprograms TNF signaling in cancer cells through interaction with the tumor suppressor DAB2IP
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C1q as a unique player in angiogenesis with therapeutic implication in wound healing
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Platelet-activating factor and kinin-dependent vascular leakage as a novel functional activity of the soluble terminal complement complex
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Controlling complement resistance in cancer by using human monoclonal antibodies that neutralize complement‐regulatory proteins CD55 and CD59
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In vivo distribution of β2 glycoprotein I under various pathophysiologic conditions
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Decidual endothelial cells express surface-bound C1q as a molecular bridge between endovascular trophoblast and decidual endothelium
R Bulla, C Agostinis, F Bossi, L Rizzi, A Debeus, C Tripodo, O Radillo, ...
Molecular immunology 45 (9), 2629-2640, 2008
Cytolytically inactive terminal complement complex causes transendothelial migration of polymorphonuclear leukocytes in vitro and in vivo
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VE-cadherin is a critical molecule for trophoblast–endothelial cell interaction in decidual spiral arteries
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Mannose binding lectin and C3 act as recognition molecules for infectious agents in the vagina
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Chemerin regulates NK cell accumulation and endothelial cell morphogenesis in the decidua during early pregnancy
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The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 97 (10), 3603-3612, 2012
EMILIN1 represents a major stromal element determining human trophoblast invasion of the uterine wall
P Spessotto, R Bulla, C Danussi, O Radillo, M Cervi, G Monami, F Bossi, ...
Journal of cell science 119 (21), 4574-4584, 2006
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