Devendra Singh Negi
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High thermoelectric performance in tellurium free p-type AgSbSe 2
SN Guin, A Chatterjee, DS Negi, R Datta, K Biswas
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (9), 2603-2608, 2013
High Thermoelectric Performance and Enhanced Mechanical Stability of p-type Ge1–xSbxTe
S Perumal, S Roychowdhury, DS Negi, R Datta, K Biswas
Chemistry of Materials 27 (20), 7171-7178, 2015
Nanostructuring, carrier engineering and bond anharmonicity synergistically boost the thermoelectric performance of p-type AgSbSe 2–ZnSe
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Bulk Single Crystal‐Like Structural and Magnetic Characteristics of Epitaxial Spinel Ferrite Thin Films with Elimination of Antiphase Boundaries
AV Singh, B Khodadadi, JB Mohammadi, S Keshavarz, T Mewes, ...
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Giant coercivity in ferromagnetic Co doped ZnO single crystal thin film
B Loukya, DS Negi, K Dileep, N Kumar, J Ghatak, R Datta
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Pressure-induced capillary encapsulation protocol for ultrahigh loading of sulfur and selenium inside carbon nanotubes: application as high performance cathode in Li–S/se…
D Dutta, S Gope, DS Negi, R Datta, AK Sood, AJ Bhattacharyya
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Surface spin canting in and nanoparticles probed by high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy
DS Negi, H Sharona, U Bhat, S Palchoudhury, A Gupta, R Datta
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DS Negi, JC Idrobo, J Rusz
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Vacuum densities for a brane intersecting the AdS boundary
ERB de Mello, AA Saharian, MR Setare
Physical Review D 92 (10), 104005, 2015
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Effect of Bloch wave electron propagation and momentum-resolved signal detection on the quantitative and site-specific electron magnetic chiral dichroism of magnetic spinel…
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L Aggarwal, JS Sekhon, SN Guin, A Arora, DS Negi, R Datta, K Biswas, ...
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DS Negi, B Loukya, K Ramasamy, A Gupta, R Datta
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DS Negi, A Roy, B Loukya, K Dileep, S Shetty, N Kumar, PSA Kumar, ...
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Proposal for Measuring Magnetism with Patterned Apertures in a Transmission Electron Microscope
D Negi, J Spiegelberg, S Muto, T Thersleff, M Ohtsuka, L Schnstrm, ...
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R Sahu, K Dileep, DS Negi, KK Nagaraja, S Shetty, R Datta
Journal of Crystal Growth 410, 69-76, 2015
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