Valeria La Parola
Valeria La Parola
Researcher at the Institute of Nanostructured Materials (CNR)
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Synergetic effect of gold in Au/Pd catalysts during hydrodesulfurization reactions of model compounds
AM Venezia, V La Parola, G Deganello, B Pawelec, JLG Fierro
Journal of Catalysis 215 (2), 317-325, 2003
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AM Venezia, LF Liotta, G Pantaleo, V La Parola, G Deganello, A Beck, ...
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Bi-and trimetallic Ni catalysts over Al2O3 and Al2O3-MOx (M= Ce or Mg) oxides for methane dry reforming: Au and Pt additive effects
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Metal-free dual-phase full organic carbon nanotubes/g-C3N4 heteroarchitectures for photocatalytic hydrogen production
KC Christoforidis, Z Syrgiannis, V La Parola, T Montini, C Petit, ...
Nano Energy 50, 468-478, 2018
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On the origin of the high performance of MWNT-supported PtPd catalysts for the hydrogenation of aromatics
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Multi‐Layered, Covalently Supported Ionic Liquid Phase (mlc‐SILP) as Highly Cross‐Linked Support for Recyclable Palladium Catalysts for the Suzuki Reaction in Aqueous Medium
M Gruttadauria, LF Liotta, AMP Salvo, F Giacalone, V La Parola, C Aprile, ...
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Applied Catalysis A: General 229 (1-2), 261-271, 2002
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