Federico Bottegoni
Federico Bottegoni
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Optical spin injection and spin lifetime in Ge heterostructures
F Pezzoli, F Bottegoni, D Trivedi, F Ciccacci, A Giorgioni, P Li, S Cecchi, ...
Physical review letters 108 (15), 156603, 2012
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S Dal Conte, F Bottegoni, EAA Pogna, D De Fazio, S Ambrogio, I Bargigia, ...
Physical Review B 92 (23), 235425, 2015
Intravalley Spin–Flip Relaxation Dynamics in Single-Layer WS2
Z Wang, A Molina-Sanchez, P Altmann, D Sangalli, D De Fazio, G Soavi, ...
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Spin polarized photoemission from strained Ge epilayers
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F Bottegoni, M Celebrano, M Bollani, P Biagioni, G Isella, F Ciccacci, ...
Nature materials 13 (8), 790-795, 2014
Crystal field and low energy excitations measured by high resolution RIXS at the L 3 edge of Cu, Ni and Mn
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F Bottegoni, C Zucchetti, S Dal Conte, J Frigerio, E Carpene, C Vergnaud, ...
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F Bottegoni, A Ferrari, G Isella, M Finazzi, F Ciccacci
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Probability-and spin-current operators for effective Hamiltonians
F Bottegoni, HJ Drouhin, G Fishman, JE Wegrowe
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Ge/SiGe heterostructures as emitters of polarized electrons
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Enhanced orbital mixing in the valence band of strained germanium
F Bottegoni, A Ferrari, G Isella, M Finazzi, F Ciccacci
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Physical Review B 97 (12), 125203, 2018
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Applied Physics Letters 111 (18), 182401, 2017
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