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Laura Chronopoulou
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Chitosan-coated PLGA nanoparticles: a sustained drug release strategy for cell cultures
L Chronopoulou, M Massimi, MF Giardi, C Cametti, LC Devirgiliis, ...
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 103, 310-317, 2013
Osmosis based method drives the self-assembly of polymeric chains into micro-and nanostructures
L Chronopoulou, I Fratoddi, C Palocci, I Venditti, MV Russo
Langmuir 25 (19), 11940-11946, 2009
Lipolytic enzymes with improved activity and selectivity upon adsorption on polymeric nanoparticles
C Palocci, L Chronopoulou, I Venditti, E Cernia, M Diociaiuti, I Fratoddi, ...
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L Chronopoulou, G Kamel, C Sparago, F Bordi, S Lupi, M Diociaiuti, ...
Soft Matter 7 (6), 2653-2662, 2011
Candida rugosa lipase immobilization on hydrophilic charged gold nanoparticles as promising biocatalysts: Activity and stability investigations
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Lipase-supported synthesis of peptidic hydrogels
L Chronopoulou, S Lorenzoni, G Masci, M Dentini, AR Togna, G Togna, ...
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Functional polymeric nanoparticles for dexamethasone loading and release
I Fratoddi, I Venditti, C Cametti, C Palocci, L Chronopoulou, M Marino, ...
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F Amaduzzi, F Bomboi, A Bonincontro, F Bordi, S Casciardi, ...
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Lipase-catalyzed regioselective acylation of tritylglycosides in supercritical carbon dioxide
C Palocci, M Falconi, L Chronopoulou, E Cernia
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 45 (1), 88-93, 2008
Endocytic pathways involved in PLGA nanoparticle uptake by grapevine cells and role of cell wall and membrane in size selection
C Palocci, A Valletta, L Chronopoulou, L Donati, M Bramosanti, E Brasili, ...
Plant cell reports 36 (12), 1917-1928, 2017
Chitosan–DNA complexes: Effect of molecular parameters on the efficiency of delivery
F Bordi, L Chronopoulou, C Palocci, F Bomboi, A Di Martino, N Cifani, ...
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 460, 184-190, 2014
Controlled release of 18-β-glycyrrhetic acid by nanodelivery systems increases cytotoxicity on oral carcinoma cell line
I Cacciotti, L Chronopoulou, C Palocci, A Amalfitano, M Cantiani, ...
Nanotechnology 29 (28), 285101, 2018
Designing unconventional Fmoc-peptide-based biomaterials: Structure and related properties
L Chronopoulou, S Sennato, F Bordi, D Giannella, A Di Nitto, A Barbetta, ...
Soft matter 10 (12), 1944-1952, 2014
Microfluidic-assisted nanoprecipitation of antiviral-loaded polymeric nanoparticles
M Bramosanti, L Chronopoulou, F Grillo, A Valletta, C Palocci
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 532, 369-376, 2017
Chitosan based nanoparticles functionalized with peptidomimetic derivatives for oral drug delivery
L Chronopoulou, G Nocca, M Castagnola, G Paludetti, G Ortaggi, ...
New biotechnology 33 (1), 23-31, 2016
Poly (lactic-co-glycolic) acid nanoparticles uptake by Vitis vinifera and grapevine-pathogenic fungi
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Improved stability and efficacy of chitosan/pDNA complexes for gene delivery
N Cifani, L Chronopoulou, B Pompili, A Di Martino, F Bordi, S Sennato, ...
Biotechnology letters 37 (3), 557-565, 2015
Self-assembling peptide hydrogels promote microglial cells proliferation and NGF production
L Chronopoulou, AR Togna, G Guarguaglini, G Masci, F Giammaruco, ...
Soft Matter 8 (21), 5784-5790, 2012
PLGA-based nanoparticles: effect of chitosan in the aggregate stabilization. A dielectric relaxation spectroscopy study
L Chronopoulou, A Cutonilli, C Cametti, M Dentini, C Palocci
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 97, 117-123, 2012
A modular microfluidic platform for the synthesis of biopolymeric nanoparticles entrapping organic actives
L Chronopoulou, C Sparago, C Palocci
Journal of nanoparticle research 16 (11), 1-10, 2014
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