Luisa Barba
Luisa Barba
Researcher, CNR Institute of Crystallography
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Nanoscale phase separation in the iron chalcogenide superconductor K 0. 8 Fe 1. 6 Se 2 as seen via scanning nanofocused x-ray diffraction
A Ricci, N Poccia, G Campi, B Joseph, G Arrighetti, L Barba, M Reynolds, ...
Physical Review B 84 (6), 060511, 2011
Inhomogeneity of charge-density-wave order and quenched disorder in a high-Tc superconductor
G Campi, A Bianconi, N Poccia, G Bianconi, L Barba, G Arrighetti, ...
Nature 525 (7569), 359, 2015
Evolution and control of oxygen order in a cuprate superconductor
N Poccia, M Fratini, A Ricci, G Campi, L Barba, A Vittorini-Orgeas, ...
Nature materials 10 (10), 733, 2011
Intrinsic phase separation in superconducting K0. 8Fe1. 6Se2 (Tc= 31.8 K) single crystals
A Ricci, N Poccia, B Joseph, G Arrighetti, L Barba, J Plaisier, G Campi, ...
Superconductor Science and Technology 24 (8), 082002, 2011
Oxidized and acid thinned starch derivatives of hybrid maize: Functional characteristics, wide-angle X-ray diffractometry and thermal properties
OS Lawal, KO Adebowale, BM Ogunsanwo, L Barba, NS Ilo
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 35 (1-2), 71-79, 2005
Feshbach resonance and mesoscopic phase separation near a quantum critical point in multiband FeAs-based superconductors
R Caivano, M Fratini, N Poccia, A Ricci, A Puri, ZA Ren, XL Dong, J Yang, ...
Superconductor Science and Technology 22 (1), 014004, 2008
The effect of internal pressure on the tetragonal to monoclinic structural phase transition in ReOFeAs: the case of NdOFeAs
M Fratini, R Caivano, A Puri, A Ricci, ZA Ren, XL Dong, J Yang, W Lu, ...
Superconductor Science and Technology 21 (9), 092002, 2008
Status of the crystallography beamlines at Elettra
A Lausi, M Polentarutti, S Onesti, JR Plaisier, E Busetto, G Bais, L Barba, ...
The European Physical Journal Plus 130 (3), 43, 2015
Enhanced vertical concentration gradient in rubbed P3HT: PCBM graded bilayer solar cells
V Vohra, G Arrighetti, L Barba, K Higashimine, W Porzio, H Murata
The journal of physical chemistry letters 3 (13), 1820-1823, 2012
Highly Emissive Nanostructured Thin Films of Organic Host–Guests for Energy Conversion
J Moreau, U Giovanella, JP Bombenger, W Porzio, V Vohra, L Spadacini, ...
ChemPhysChem 10 (4), 647-653, 2009
Evidence for a Strong Topological Insulator Phase in
G Manzoni, L Gragnaniello, G Auts, T Kuhn, A Sterzi, F Cilento, ...
Physical review letters 117 (23), 237601, 2016
Tin (IV) and organotin (IV) complexes containing mono or bidentate N-donor ligands: III. 1-methylimidazole derivatives: synthesis, spectroscopic and structural characterization
C Pettinari, M Pellei, M Miliani, A Cingolani, A Cassetta, L Barba, A Pifferi, ...
Journal of organometallic chemistry 553 (1-2), 345-369, 1998
Scanning micro-x-ray diffraction unveils the distribution of oxygen chain nanoscale puddles in YBa 2 Cu 3 O 6.33
G Campi, A Ricci, N Poccia, L Barba, G Arrighetti, M Burghammer, ...
Physical Review B 87 (1), 014517, 2013
Effect of the structure of monoglyceride–oil–water gels on aroma partition
S Calligaris, S Da Pieve, G Arrighetti, L Barba
Food Research International 43 (3), 671-677, 2010
Synchrotron powder diffraction Rietveld refinement of MgB20 crystal structure
S Brutti, M Colapietro, G Balducci, L Barba, P Manfrinetti, A Palenzona
Intermetallics 10 (8), 811-817, 2002
Tin (IV) and organotin (IV) complexes containing mono or bidentate N-donor ligands II. 14-Phenylimidazole derivatives. Crystal and molecular structure of [bis (4…
C Pettinari, F Marchetti, M Pellei, A Cingolani, L Barba, A Cassetta
Journal of organometallic chemistry 515 (1-2), 119-130, 1996
Networks of superconducting nano-puddles in 1/8 doped YBa2Cu3O6. 5+ y controlled by thermal manipulation
A Ricci, N Poccia, G Campi, F Coneri, L Barba, G Arrighetti, M Polentarutti, ...
New Journal of Physics 16 (5), 053030, 2014
Depth-resolved molecular structure and orientation of polymer thin films by synchrotron X-ray diffraction
W Porzio, G Scavia, L Barba, G Arrighetti, S Milita
European Polymer Journal 47 (3), 273-283, 2011
Triorganotin (IV) derivatives of several 4-acyl-5-pyrazolonato ligands: synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and behavior in solution Crystal structure of aquotrimethyl (4…
F Marchetti, C Pettinari, A Cingolani, GG Lobbia, A Cassetta, L Barba
Journal of organometallic chemistry 517 (1-2), 141-154, 1996
Structural phase transition and superlattice misfit strain of R FeAsO (R= La, Pr, Nd, Sm)
A Ricci, N Poccia, B Joseph, L Barba, G Arrighetti, G Ciasca, JQ Yan, ...
Physical Review B 82 (14), 144507, 2010
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