Sergei Zaitsev-Zotov
Sergei Zaitsev-Zotov
Kotelnikov IRE RAS
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One-dimensional conduction in charge-density-wave nanowires
E Slot, MA Holst, HSJ Van Der Zant, SV Zaitsev-Zotov
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SV Zaitsev-Zotov
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SV Zaitsev-Zotov
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SV Zaitsev-Zotov
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Phys. Usp., 2013
Evidence of Collective Charge Transport in the Ohmic Regime of o-TaS3 in the Charge-Density-Wave State by a Photoconduction Study
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: A unique quasi-one-dimensional conductor with three charge density wave transitions
SG Zybtsev, VY Pokrovskii, VF Nasretdinova, SV Zaitsev-Zotov, ...
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'Quantized'states of the charge-density wave in microcrystals of K 0.3 MoO 3
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SV Zaitsev-Zotov, YA Kumzerov, YA Firsov, P Monceau
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics Letters 77 (3), 135-139, 2003
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