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Life history trade-offs are influenced by the diversity, availability and interactions of dietary antioxidants
C Catoni, A Peters, HM Schaefer
Animal Behaviour 76 (4), 1107-1119, 2008
Birds use fruit colour as honest signal of dietary antioxidant rewards
HM Schaefer, K McGraw, C Catoni
Functional Ecology 22 (2), 303-310, 2008
Fruit for health: the effect of flavonoids on humoral immune response and food selection in a frugivorous bird
C Catoni, HM Schaefer, A Peters
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Commercial fisheries, inter‐colony competition and sea depth affect foraging location of breeding Scopoli's Shearwaters Calonectris diomedea
JG Cecere, C Catoni, G Gaibani, P Geraldes, C Celada, S Imperio
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Movement patterns and habitat use during incubation and chick-rearing of Cory's shearwaters (Calonectris diomedea diomedea) (Aves: Vertebrata) from Centralá…
JG Cecere, C Catoni, I Maggini, S Imperio, G Gaibani
Italian Journal of Zoology 80 (1), 82-89, 2013
Sex-specific foraging behaviour is affected by wind conditions in a sexually size dimorphic seabird
F De Pascalis, S Imperio, A Benvenuti, C Catoni, D Rubolini, JG Cecere
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Migrating birds avoid flying through fog and low clouds
M Panuccio, G Dell’Omo, G Bogliani, C Catoni, N Sapir
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A new algorithm for the identification of dives reveals the foraging ecology of a shallow-diving seabird using accelerometer data
M Cianchetti-Benedetti, C Catoni, A Kato, B Massa, P Quillfeldt
Marine Biology 164 (4), 1-11, 2017
Dietary flavonoids enhance conspicuousness of a melanin‐based trait in male blackcaps but not of the female homologous trait or of sexually monochromatic traits
C Catoni, A Peters, HM Schaefer
Journal of evolutionary biology 22 (8), 1649-1657, 2009
Interactions between commercial fishing vessels and a pelagic seabird in the southern Mediterranean Sea
M Cianchetti-Benedetti, G Dell’Omo, T Russo, C Catoni, P Quillfeldt
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Nest box selection and reproduction of European Rollers in Central Italy: a 7-year study
F Monti, L Nelli, C Catoni, G Dell’Omo
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Contrasting aspects of tailwinds and asymmetrical response to crosswinds in soaring migrants
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Movement patterns and habitat selection of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters (Puffinus pacificus) breeding at Aride Island, Seychelles
JG Cecere, L Calabrese, G Rocamora, C Catoni
Waterbirds 36 (4), 432-437, 2013
Inter-individual differences in foraging tactics of a colonial raptor: consistency, weather effects, and fitness correlates
JG Cecere, F De Pascalis, S Imperio, D MÚnard, C Catoni, M Griggio, ...
Movement ecology 8 (1), 1-13, 2020
Garden Warbler, Sylvia borin, detect carotenoids in food but differ strongly in individual food choice
C Catoni, B Metzger, HM Schaefer, F Bairlein
Journal of Ornithology 152 (1), 153-159, 2011
Assessing key conservation areas for Italian Scopoli’s shearwaters (Calonectris diomedea) to identify marine IBAs
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Ecology and conservation of Mediterranean seabirds and other bird speciesá…, 2012
Tracking reveals behavioural coordination driven by environmental constraints in the Black‐vented Shearwater Puffinus opisthomelas
C Soldatini, YV Albores‐Barajas, A Ramos‐Rodriguez, A Munguia‐Vega, ...
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Biometrics, sexing and moulting of Snow Finch Montifringilla nivalis in Central Italy
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Movement patterns and habitat use during incubation and chick-rearing of Cory’s Shearwaters from central Mediterranean: influence of seascape and breeding stage
JG Cecere, C Catoni, I Maggini, S Imperio, G Gaibani
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Context-dependent foraging habitat selection in a farmland raptor along an agricultural intensification gradient
G Assandri, JG Cecere, M Sara, C Catoni, F De Pascalis, J Morinay, ...
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 326, 107782, 2022
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