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Hyperosmotic stress memory in Arabidopsis is mediated by distinct epigenetically labile sites in the genome and is restricted in the male germline by DNA glycosylase activity
A Wibowo, C Becker, G Marconi, J Durr, J Price, J Hagmann, ...
Elife 5, e13546, 2016
SERK and APOSTART. Candidate genes for apomixis in Poa pratensis
E Albertini, G Marconi, L Reale, G Barcaccia, A Porceddu, F Ferranti, ...
Plant Physiology 138 (4), 2185-2199, 2005
Isolation of candidate genes for apomixis in Poa pratensis L.
E Albertini, G Marconi, G Barcaccia, L Raggi, M Falcinelli
Plant molecular biology 56 (6), 879-894, 2004
Development of S-SAP markers based on an LTR-like sequence from Medicago sativa L.
A Porceddu, E Albertini, G Barcaccia, G Marconi, F Bertoli, F Veronesi
Molecular Genetics and Genomics 267 (1), 107-114, 2002
Stability of Potato virus X expression vectors is related to insert size: implications for replication models and risk assessment
L Avesani, G Marconi, F Morandini, E Albertini, M Bruschetta, L Bortesi, ...
Transgenic research 16 (5), 587-597, 2007
Use of MSAP markers to analyse the effects of salt stress on DNA methylation in rapeseed (Brassica napus var. oleifera)
G Marconi, R Pace, A Traini, L Raggi, S Lutts, M Chiusano, M Guiducci, ...
PloS one 8 (9), e75597, 2013
In planta production of two peptides of the Classical Swine Fever Virus (CSFV) E2 glycoprotein fused to the coat protein of potato virus X
G Marconi, E Albertini, P Barone, F De Marchis, C Lico, C Marusic, ...
BMC biotechnology 6 (1), 1-9, 2006
Structure of genetic diversity in Olea europaea L. cultivars from central Italy
E Albertini, R Torricelli, E Bitocchi, L Raggi, G Marconi, L Pollastri, ...
Molecular Breeding 27 (4), 533-547, 2011
Agronomic, chemical and genetic variability of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) of different origin by LC-UV–vis-DAD and AFLP analyses
L Siracusa, F Gresta, G Avola, E Albertini, L Raggi, G Marconi, ...
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 1-11, 2013
Microsatellite-AFLP for genetic mapping of complex polyploids
E Albertini, A Porceddu, G Marconi, G Barcaccia, L Pallottini, M Falcinelli
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Exposure to cadmium‐contaminated soils increases allergenicity of Poa annua L. pollen
R Aina, R Asero, A Ghiani, G Marconi, E Albertini, S Citterio
Allergy 65 (10), 1313-1321, 2010
Influence of exogenous organic matter on prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbiota in an agricultural soil. A multidisciplinary approach
D Pezzolla, G Marconi, B Turchetti, C Zadra, A Agnelli, F Veronesi, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 82, 9-20, 2015
Alfalfa Mob1-like genes are expressed in reproductive organs during meiosis and gametogenesis
S Citterio, E Albertini, S Varotto, E Feltrin, M Soattin, G Marconi, ...
Plant molecular biology 58 (6), 789-807, 2005
Soil selenium (Se) biofortification changes the physiological, biochemical and epigenetic responses to water stress in Zea mays L. by inducing a higher drought tolerance
M Bocchini, R D’Amato, S Ciancaleoni, MC Fontanella, CA Palmerini, ...
Frontiers in plant science 9, 389, 2018
Characterization and phylogenetic analysis of ancient Italian landraces of pear
N Ferradini, H Lancioni, R Torricelli, L Russi, I Dalla Ragione, I Cardinali, ...
Frontiers in plant science 8, 751, 2017
Genetic characterization of the apple germplasm collection in central Italy: the value of local varieties
G Marconi, N Ferradini, L Russi, L Concezzi, F Veronesi, E Albertini
Frontiers in plant science 9, 1460, 2018
Investigations of 5S rDNA of Vitis vinifera L.: sequence analysis and physical mapping
E Falistocco, V Passeri, G Marconi
Genome 50 (10), 927-938, 2007
Tracing the biological origin of animal glues used in paintings through mitochondrial DNA analysis
E Albertini, L Raggi, M Vagnini, A Sassolini, A Achilli, G Marconi, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 399 (9), 2987-2995, 2011
Sporophytic and gametophytic functions of the cell cycle-associated Mob1 gene in Arabidopsis thaliana L.
G Galla, S Zenoni, G Marconi, G Marino, A Botton, F Pinosa, S Citterio, ...
Gene 484 (1-2), 1-12, 2011
Understanding genetic diversity and population structure of a Poa pratensis worldwide collection through morphological, nuclear and chloroplast diversity analysis
L Raggi, E Bitocchi, L Russi, G Marconi, TF Sharbel, F Veronesi, ...
PLoS One 10 (4), e0124709, 2015
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