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BRAF Mutations in Thyroid Tumors Are Restricted to Papillary Carcinomas and Anaplastic or Poorly Differentiated Carcinomas Arising from Papillary Carcinomas
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PTC is a novel rearranged form of the ret proto-oncogene and is frequently detected in vivo in human thyroid papillary carcinomas
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Activation of RET as a Dominant Transforming Gene by Germline Mutations of MEN2A and MEN2B
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Cytoplasmic relocalization and inhibition of the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27Kip1 by PKB/Akt-mediated phosphorylation in breast cancer
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Roles of HMGA proteins in cancer
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ZD6474, an orally available inhibitor of KDR tyrosine kinase activity, efficiently blocks oncogenic RET kinases
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Regulation of Thyroid Cell Proliferation by TSH and Other Factors: A Critical Evaluation of in Vitro Models
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MicroRNAs (miR)-221 and miR-222, both overexpressed in human thyroid papillary carcinomas, regulate p27Kip1 protein levels and cell cycle
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Bioactive IL-18 expression is up-regulated in Crohn’s disease
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Molecular characterization of RET/PTC3; a novel rearranged version of the RETproto-oncogene in a human thyroid papillary carcinoma.
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The RET/PTC-RAS-BRAF linear signaling cascade mediates the motile and mitogenic phenotype of thyroid cancer cells
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Increased BDNF promoter methylation in the Wernicke area of suicide subjects
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RET/PTC oncogene activation defines a subset of papillary thyroid carcinomas lacking evidence of progression to poorly differentiated or undifferentiated tumor phenotypes.
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High level expression of the HMGI (Y) gene during embryonic development.
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RET/PTC oncogene activation is an early event in thyroid carcinogenesis.
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