Antonio Scala
Antonio Scala
Research Scientist, CNR-ISC Uos "La Sapienza"
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Classes of small-world networks
LAN Amaral, A Scala, M Barthélémy, HE Stanley
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 97 (21), 11149, 2000
The spreading of misinformation online
M Del Vicario, A Bessi, F Zollo, F Petroni, A Scala, G Caldarelli, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (3), 554-559, 2016
Configurational entropy and diffusivity of supercooled water
A Scala, FW Starr, E La Nave, F Sciortino, HE Stanley
Nature 406 (6792), 166, 2000
Saddles in the energy landscape probed by supercooled liquids
L Angelani, R Di Leonardo, G Ruocco, A Scala, F Sciortino
Physical review letters 85 (25), 5356, 2000
Science vs conspiracy: Collective narratives in the age of misinformation
A Bessi, M Coletto, GA Davidescu, A Scala, G Caldarelli, W Quattrociocchi
PloS one 10 (2), e0118093, 2015
Liquid-state anomalies and the stell-hemmer core-softened potential
MR Sadr-Lahijany, A Scala, SV Buldyrev, HE Stanley
Physical review letters 81 (22), 4895, 1998
Networks of Networks: The Last Frontier of Complexity
G D'AGostino, A Scala
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014
Assortativity decreases the robustness of interdependent networks
D Zhou, HE Stanley, G D’Agostino, A Scala
Physical Review E 86 (6), 066103, 2012
Opinion dynamics on interacting networks: media competition and social influence
W Quattrociocchi, G Caldarelli, A Scala
Scientific Reports 4, 4938, 2014
Models for a liquid–liquid phase transition
SV Buldyrev, G Franzese, N Giovambattista, G Malescio, ...
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 304 (1-2), 23-42, 2002
Small-world networks and the conformation space of a short lattice polymer chain
A Scala, LA Amaral, M Barthélémy
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 55, 594, 2001
Abruptness of cascade failures in power grids
S Pahwa, C Scoglio, A Scala
Scientific reports 4, 3694, 2014
Echo chambers on Facebook
W Quattrociocchi, A Scala, CR Sunstein
Available at SSRN 2795110, 2016
Local structural heterogeneities in liquid water under pressure
M Canpolat, FW Starr, A Scala, MR Sadr-Lahijany, O Mishima, S Havlin, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 294 (1-3), 9-12, 1998
Instantaneous normal mode analysis of supercooled water
E La Nave, A Scala, FW Starr, F Sciortino, HE Stanley
Physical review letters 84 (20), 4605, 2000
A network analysis of countries’ export flows: firm grounds for the building blocks of the economy
G Caldarelli, M Cristelli, A Gabrielli, L Pietronero, A Scala, A Tacchella
PloS one 7 (10), e47278, 2012
The puzzling behavior of water at very low temperature. Invited Lecture
HE Stanley, SV Buldyrev, M Canpolat, O Mishima, MR Sadr-Lahijany, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2 (8), 1551-1558, 2000
Waterlike anomalies for core-softened models of fluids: Two-dimensional systems
A Scala, MR Sadr-Lahijany, N Giovambattista, SV Buldyrev, HE Stanley
Physical Review E 63 (4), 041202, 2001
Thermodynamic and structural aspects of the potential energy surface of simulated water
FW Starr, S Sastry, E La Nave, A Scala, HE Stanley, F Sciortino
Physical Review E 63 (4), 041201, 2001
Waterlike anomalies for core-softened models of fluids: One dimension
MR Sadr-Lahijany, A Scala, SV Buldyrev, HE Stanley
Physical Review E 60 (6), 6714, 1999
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