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Mauricio Rocha Dimitrov
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Isolation and identification of phosphate solubilizer Azospirillum, Bacillus and Enterobacter strains by 16SrRNA sequence analysis and their effect on growth of wheat …
M Tahir, MS Mirza, A Zaheer, MR Dimitrov, H Smidt, S Hameed
Australian Journal of Crop Science 7 (9), 1284, 2013
Impact of a wastewater treatment plant on microbial community composition and function in a hyporheic zone of a eutrophic river
S Atashgahi, MR Dimitrov, R Aydin, D Sipkema, K Hamonts, L Lahti, ...
Scientific reports 5, 2015
Effects of the antibiotic enrofloxacin on the ecology of tropical eutrophic freshwater microcosms
A Rico, MR Dimitrov, R Van Wijngaarden, K Satapornvanit, H Smidt, ...
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Assessing effects of the fungicide tebuconazole to heterotrophic microbes in aquatic microcosms
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Cultivation-based and molecular assessment of bacterial diversity in the rhizosheath of wheat under different crop rotations
M Tahir, MS Mirza, S Hameed, MR Dimitrov, H Smidt
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Denitrification in restored and unrestored Danish streams
AJ Veraart, J Audet, MR Dimitrov, CC Hoffmann, F Gillissen, JJM de Klein
Ecological Engineering 66, 129-140, 2014
Abundance, activity and community structure of denitrifiers in drainage ditches in relation to sediment characteristics, vegetation and land-use
AJ Veraart, MR Dimitrov, AP Schrier-Uijl, H Smidt, JJM de Klein
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AMS Paulo, R Aydin, MR Dimitrov, H Vreeling, AJ Cavaleiro, ...
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Effects of the fungicide metiram in outdoor freshwater microcosms: responses of invertebrates, primary producers and microbes
R Lin, L Buijse, MR Dimitrov, P Dohmen, S Kosol, L Maltby, I Roessink, ...
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Molecular analysis of the bacterial diversity in a specialized consortium for diesel oil degradation
DAA Paixão, MR Dimitrov, RM Pereira, FR Accorsini, MB Vidotti, ...
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo 34 (3), 773-781, 2010
Dominance of bacterial ammonium oxidizers and fungal denitrifiers in the complex nitrogen cycle pathways related to nitrous oxide emission
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Successive DNA extractions improve characterization of soil microbial communities
MR Dimitrov, AJ Veraart, M de Hollander, H Smidt, JA van Veen, ...
PeerJ 5, e2915, 2017
Effect of Burkholderia tropica and Herbaspirillum frisingense strains on sorghum growth is plant genotype dependent
TR Schlemper, MR Dimitrov, FAOS Gutierrez, JA van Veen, APD Silveira, ...
PeerJ 6, e5346, 2018
Molecular Assessment of Bacterial Community Dynamics and Functional End Points during Sediment Bioaccumulation Tests
MR Dimitrov, NJ Diepens, AA Koelmans, H Smidt
Environmental science & technology 49 (22), 13586-13595, 2015
Impact of a wastewater treatment plant on microbial community composition and function in a hyporheic zone of a eutrophic river. Sci Rep 5: 17284
S Atashgahi, R Aydin, MR Dimitrov, D Sipkema, K Hamonts, L Lahti, ...
Bacterial glycerol oxidation coupled to sulfate reduction at neutral and acidic pH
SC Santos, MG Liebensteiner, AH van Gelder, MR Dimitrov, PF Almeida, ...
The Journal of general and applied microbiology 64 (1), 1-8, 2018
Sorghum Growth Promotion by Paraburkholderia tropica and Herbaspirillum frisingense: Putative Mechanisms Revealed by Genomics and Metagenomics
EE Kuramae, S Derksen, TR Schlemper, MR Dimitrov, OYA Costa, ...
Microorganisms 8 (5), 725, 2020
Biodegradation of hepatotoxin (D-Leu1)-microcystin-LR by bacteria in carbon biological filters
A Minillo, SC Freitas, WD Isique, HFAD Prado, MR Dimitrov, DAA Paixão, ...
Engenharia Sanitaria e Ambiental 18 (3), 205-214, 2013
Construção de Biblioteca metagenômica e prospecção de genes para a síntese de polihidroxalcanoatos
MR Dimitrov
Universidade de São Paulo, 2009
On-Site Blackwater Treatment Fosters Microbial Groups and Functions to Efficiently and Robustly Recover Carbon and Nutrients
EE Kuramae, MR Dimitrov, GRH Silva, A Lucheta, LW Mendes, RL Luz, ...
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